• Cutting Links In Email Is Bad For ROI: Expert
    Some financial service firms have stopped putting links in their emails because they’re widely used in phishing scams and are perceived as such. But there are downsides to this solution, including loss of opportunities and ROI. Here’s how to use effective email links. 
  • Dell's Brett Hansen On GDPR Compliance In The U.S.
    Large companies are already compliant with GDPR. But some firms are still struggling with security. Dell’s Brett Hansen provides an overview. 
  • Expert Says: Pay More Attention To Holiday Email Marketing
    An email address is a direct line of communication with a customer — and it’s especially useful in the period between Black Friday and Christmas. Drew Barton, founder of Southern Web, offers tips on how get the most out of email marketing. 
  • Five Email Newsletter Strategies For People In The Arts
    Email newsletters are often slapped together as an afterthought. My Modern Met offers tips on how those in the arts can market their creativity with newsletters. 
  • Things To Be Thankful For In Email Marketing
    Email marketers have many things to be grateful for this holiday season: data abundance, a selection of technologies and even GDPR. Here’s a rundown of those blessings and what they mean for marketing in 2018. 
  • New Ransomware Campaign Relies On Necurs Botnet
    Security experts are alarmed by a new ransomware campaign that uses the Necurs botnet to spread millions of spam emails. Researchers first spotted the Scarab ransomware on Nov. 23. 
  • How Food52 Handled Email During the Holiday Shopping Weekend
    Food52, a site kthat ofers recipies and food-related products, relied heavily on email during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday period. Here’s a daily account of how the team operated, responded to consumer queries and crafted promotional messags. 
  • Microsoft Is Challenging The Wrong Privacy Law
    Microsoft made a mistake by challenging the Stored Communications Act before the Supreme Court. It should have focused on the All Writs Act, which would have allowed the court to utilize “traditional interpretive principles,” to issue a sensible decision, a law professor claims.  
  • Supreme Court Privacy Case Could Be 'Most Important'
    The Supreme Court is set to hear a case on whether the government searches of digital activity are barred by the Fourth Amendment. The court’s reasoning in Carpenter vs. United States may also email and text messages. One source said it could be “the most important privacy case of the 21st century.” 
  • Agency Exec Says GDPR Is Unclear On Some Points
    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation contains “gray areas” that are leaving firms uncertain as to their impact, an agency executive says. One is the definition of personal information. 
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