• AI-Written Emails Deceived Lawmakers, Cornell Study Found
    Lawmakers had trouble distinguishing between emails written by humans and those written by artificial intelligence, according to a recent study from Cornell University. The study sought to see if it would be possible to influence the officials with fake constituent emails.   
  • Gen AI Startup Anthropic Raises $450 Million In Series C Financing
    Anthropic, a generative AI startup co-founded by OpenAI veterans, has raised $450 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Spark Capital. 
  • Cut The Hype: Here's What AI Can Really Do For Email
    ChatGPT is a tool for copywriters. But it won’t take their jobs — it can help brands build more meaningful relationships with customers. Author Kath Pay provides an overview.     
  • Saving Email Marketing From An Untimely Demise
    Email marketing is dying? That’s what this article wonders. But here are three actions that can help it survive and thrive. 
  • Kustomer Raises $60 Million Amid Spinoff From Facebook
    CRM platform Kustomer has raised $60 million in financing as it is spun out from its parent Facebook. Kustomer sells CRM software for businesses to communicate by phone, email, text messages, WhatsApp, Instagram and other channels.  
  • Why Email Is The Top Channel For B2B Leads
    Email is the most effective tool for B2B prospecting. But it only works if the proper tools are in place. Here is an overview of why email is the leading channel, and how B2B brands can use it. 
  • Law Firms Do Best When They Integrate Email And CRM
    Law firms achieve the most growth in clients when they integrate their email marketing systems with their CRM. But there are serious challenges, including duplication. Here is an overview on how to get the most out of both systems. 
  • OpenAI Launches Mobile App for IPhones, Android Is Next
    OpenAI has launched a ChatGPT mobile app for iPhones and iPads. It is now available on the App Store, only within the U.S. An Android app is in development.   
  • AI Will Drive Audience Insights In B2B
    B2B marketers have an opportunity in front of them: AI tools can unlock insights into the audience's behaviors and motivations, leading to better performance. 
  • Email Marketing Isn't Dying -- Here's How To Use It
    Email marketing is thriving despite the increased number of spam emails and the growing turn toward SMS and app notifications by marketers. But brands have to follow best practices. Here are four ways retailers can improve their email marketing from Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder, Birdzi,
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