• The Person, Not The Product, Is Key In Email Marketing
    Product-centered emails are passé: brands are finding that it no longer works to choose what you market before you select the audience. But what does work? Here are six hacks to help you create a successful email marketing campaign.
  • Will Twilio Stock Enrich Shareholders?
    Twilio shareholders could end up as millionaires, thanks to the rise of this stock. But that is not certain. Here’s an analysis of the mobile communications provider that purchased SendGrid.
  • Four Tips For Using Video In Emails
    Video can be a powerful tool for email marketers — when it’s effectively planned and managed. Here are four ways to up your game and leverage this trend. 
  • The Trick To Pulling Location Opt-Ins
    Consumers remain wary about location data. But marketers can achieve a 60% location opt-in rate -- especially from millennials -- by following best practices. Here’s a guide to how. 
  • Learning To Live Without The Cookie
    Google is attempting to kill the cookie — the foundation of most personalization ad-tech. But that’s good news for marketers. Here are some creative targeting strategies that do not depend on cookies.  
  • 20 Email Marketing Trends For 2020
    Some say email marketing won’t last into 2020. That’s wrong. Here are 20 trends that show why email continues to be a robust medium — and why brands are positioned to boost their email conversion rates.
  • Tips For Beginning Email Marketers
    Welcome to the wonderful world of email marketing. Here are 40 tips to help beginners get started in this effective channel. 
  • Changes In The Email Landscape In 2020
    Email marketers are facing big changes this year. Among them are CCPA, AMP and BIMI. Here’s an analysis of how these developments will impact brands. 
  • Email Marketers Told: Don't Contribute To Inbox Stress
    Did it ever occur to you that email subscribers suffer from email stress, given the sheer volume? Here are some tips on how to relieve that anxiety. 
  • How Email Can Boost B2B Sales
    Email remains a key element in B2B marketing. But as with B2C, it requires a personalized approach—your emails will look outdated if you fail to tune into this trend. Here’s an infographic from Blue Mail Media that offers ten email marketing tips to boost B2B sales.
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