• The New Normal In Ecommerce Holiday Sales
    Ecommerce brands enjoyed record-breaking sales during the 2019 holiday season. Here’s an analysis of the trends that are the new normal. 
  • Google Drive Outage Fixed, Google Says
    Google Drive is back up after causing problems for thousands of users around the globe on Monday. Google said the problem has been resolved. 
  • UK Adds New Children's Privacy Protections
    The UK has added new online protections for children. Website operators and toy companies could face hefty liabilities for violations. 
  • Follow Up By Email After Meeting Clients
    Resale rates improve when B2B sellers sent an email follow-up after meetings. If the person is a basketball fan, add some tidbits about the game—that creates a personal connection. More importantly, highlight relevant information about the product or service. 
  • Why Lead Generation Programs Are Dying A Slow Death
    B2B buying behavior has changed: Buyers are delaying filling out contact registration firms, preventing firms from triggering lead generation programs. Andre Yee, founder and CEO of Triblio, offers advice on what to do about it.   
  • Austin Transit Agency Offers Email Route Updates
    CapMetro, the transit authority of Austin, Texas, is offering route updates via text and email. Riders can sign up for alerts in either channel for route-specific information.  
  • Using Psychology In Email Marketing Campaigns
    People are subconsciously predisposed to certain words and phrases--in email as well as other communications. Here’s a guide to applying psychological principles and science-based selling to email.  
  • How To Be A Great Email Marketer
    Email marketers are facing evolving customer preferences, new-era tactics and changing objectives. Validity’s Tom Sather offers tips on how to be a world-class email marketer in this environment. 
  • The Top Five Hurdles Faced By B2B Marketers
    B2B brands have many challenges, from generating quality leads to proving ROI. Here are their top five obstacles — with advice on how to overcome them. 
  • Four Ways To Build Loyalty With Email
    Loyal customers make good customers. And since email is the most popular channel, loyalty and email personalization go hand-in-hand. Here are four tips for driving loyalty with email marketing. 
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