• Fraudsters Are Preying On Telus Users Who Lost Email Service
    Scam artists are trying to exploit the recent Telus email outage. One consumer says she received a call from someone pretending to be from Telus and seeking access to her computer. The company confirmed it was a scam. 
  • Is Email Marketing Overstaying Its Welcome?
    Email remains the most effective and most used digital channel. But marketers are making mistakes, such as sending the same message to their entire base. Godfrey’s Michael Barber explains why it may be too much of a good thing.  
  • Gmail Users Can Now Swipe To Switch Accounts On Android
    A feature now available on Android now allows Gmail users to swipe up or down on their profile picture to switch between accounts. The capability already existed on iOS. 
  • Sweden Issues GDPR Fine Over Facial Recognition Use
    Sweden has imposed a fine of 200,000 Swedish Krona ($20,700) over use of a facial recognition pilot by school without consent to track attendance, in violation of the GDPR. The technology was tested on 22 students over a three-week period. 
  • Scam Bust Leads To Stereotyping Of Nigerians
    The recent indictment of Nigerian scam artists illustrates how tactics have evolved from the days of the Nigerian Prince. As a result, though, Nigerians face stereotyping and visa problems despite successes within the country’s startup and tech ecosystem. 
  • A Rant On Personalized Email: It's Still Spam, Writer Says
    From Australia comes an article purporting to show that personalized emails from restaurants are flooding the author’s inbox while not offering him what he really wants. 
  • Kleiner-Perkins Backs Startup Bringing Slack Groups To Gmail
    Kleiner-Perkins is betting on an email startup called Consider that is trying to make corporate email more like Slack. With additional backing by Bedrock, Consider now has total funding of $5 million. 
  • Moving B2B Leads From Download To Conversion
    Good work -- you’ve gotten the prospect to download your lead magnet. But what's next? B2B leads must be nurtured through a very careful nurturing process. Here’s a guide on how to do it.
  • Facebook Has a New App Called Threads For Intimate Sharing
    Facebook is developing a new messaging app that allows automatic sharing of status, location, text, photo and video messaging among friends. The new app, called Threads, is designed as a companion app to Instagram, and is seen as a challenge to Snapchat.   
  • Six Email Marketing Tips For Nonprofits
    Email pulls in $45 for every 1,000 messages sent by nonprofit organizations. It can also group educate supporters on their goals. Here are six tips for conducting nonprofit email marketing campaigns.  
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