• Yahoo Issues Security Tips For Mail Users
    Yahoo Mail was hacked into this week after scammer gained access to Yahoo Mail users' passwords through data breaches at a third party company. Yahoo is encouraging users to protect their accounts. On the company blog, they recommend that users change their password regularly, and never use the same password on multiple sites. In addition, Yahoo recommends that users use different variations of letters, numbers and symbols. The company also warned consumers about opening phishing email.
  • App Brings Autocomplete to Email
    Composure is a new app for iOS devices that is designed to help writers speed up the email task. The app analyzes the message's content using natural language processing (NLP) techniques in order to anticipate what the writer might say next. Essentially, the tool offers autocomplete for email. The app will pull phrases from a user's sent email box in order to speed up the process.
  • William and Mary Fraternity Shut Down Over Offensive Email
    Sigma Chi, a William and Mary fraternity, has suspended operations after an offensive email sent from one of its members has gained the spotlight. The incredibly sexist email was sent over the Zeta Upsilon Chapter's listserv. The University has apologized for the email that went viral after it began making headlines.
  • Yahoo Resets Email Passwords After Security Breach
    Yahoo has reset the passwords on email accounts that hacked into as part of a scam to collect personal information from recently sent messages. The company explained in a blog post that the leak likely came from the breach of another company's database. The hackers used malware to access Yahoo Mail accounts with stolen usernames and passwords.
  • New Horror Movie Named 'Email'
    Singaporean film director Kelvin Tong is working on a new horror film called 'Email.' The film will star Twilight's Nikki Reed as an American journalist that travels to Singapore to investigate her sister's death and discovers a connection to cursed email.
  • Ameren Warns of Phishing Scam
    Ameren is warning of an email scam in which spammers are pretending to send bills from the energy company. The emails have tricked consumers into paying "outstanding bills". The emails also encourage recipients to open a virus-infected attachment. "Ameren is investigating the situation and working to resolve the issue," Tim Reagan, director of Security at Ameren, explained to The Washington Times. "If anyone receives this type of email, they should not open any attachments, and should delete the email message immediately."
  • Infor & SmartFocus Partnership Brings Email Tools to Business Clients
    Infor, a company that provides applications for businesses, has teamed up with SmartFocus, a campaign management platform. The partnership brings the Infor Epiphany product suite to the market globally. The product allows companies to collect and segment data in order to create targeted and automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Oscar Nomination Pulled After Email Scandal
    Oscars organizers have pulled the song "Alone Yet Not Alone," from the Academy Awards nominations this year, after the committee found out that the composer emailed voting members to highlight promote himself. This kind of self-promotion is banned according to the rules. The song will no longer compete for best original song.
  • Colorado State University Shuts Off Professor's Email Access After Blast Criticizing the School
    Colorado State University-Pueblo professor Timothy McGettigan, a professor of sociology, has lost his email access after he sent out an email criticizing the school's restructuring pans. McGettigan used the subject line, "Children of Ludlow," comparing the school administration's actions to a 1914 massacre of striking coal miners in southern Colorado. The university used its Electronic Communications Policy to cut off McGettigan's access to email.
  • Army General Reprimanded For Making Sex Comments About Senator in Email
    Army Brigadier General Martin P. Schweitzer has been hit with a "memoranda of concern" after an email exchange between he and another general has surfaced. In the exchange, Schweitzer wrote to Brigadier Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair about a meeting with tea party Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) in 2011. In the email he made inappropriate sexual remarks regarding the senator.
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