• Hotmail Changes Microsoft-And Email: Analysis
    Microsoft acquired Hotmail in December 1997—a $450 million Christmas present. It is the gift that keeps on giving, according to Ars Tehnica. 
  • GDPR Called A Top Priority For Email Marketers
    Email marketers may be headed for a showdown over artificial intelligence and GDPR. Experts offer mixed opinions on the impact of GDPR on email.  
  • Mobovida Scores 33% Revenue Per Email Boost With Personalization
    Mobovisa, an online retailer of mobile accessories, has used personalization to improve its revenue-per-email sent by a third party. Here’s how. 
  • Email Scammer Pretends To Be Famed Photographer
    An email scam artist is sending emails in the name of photographer Jill Greenberg. The fake messages offer work, but in the chain they also ask for personal details, like bank name. 
  • SendGrod Should Be In The Investor's Inbox: Analysis
    Email vendor SendGrid is “riding a wave of Uber receipts, Yelp notifications and eBay marketing emails to profitability,” Investors Daily writes. The company’s stock is now trading at $23.35 per share.  
  • Nissan Canada Finance Alerts Customers To Possible Breach
    Nissan Canada Finance has warned 1.3 million current and former customers that their information may have been stolen. The personal data points include  name, address, credit score, loan amount and monthly payment amount. 
  • Tips For Meeting 2018 GDPR Deadline
    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming. Gabby Nizri, CEO of Ayehu Inc., provides an overview of what companies need to know to get ready for it. 
  • How To Enjoy Email Marketing Success In 2018
    Scott Heimes, chief marketing officer at SendGrid, offers tips for achieving email marketing success in 2018. They include perfecting your subject lines, curating your email list and planning for next year—now. 
  • Fake Job Offers Sent By Email In Memphis Firm Identity Heist
    A Memphis delivery service had its identity stolen and bogus job offers sent by email in its name. The scam artists created a fake website, and appropriated the Better Business Bureau logo.  
  • What To Do After Creating An Email List
    It isn’t enough to simply build an email list: brands also have to engage subscribers. That means everything from getting them to take actions to performing non-creepy personalization. 
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