• Nintendo Apologizes For 'Mario Kart Strikers' Mistake In Email Subject Line
    Nintendo sent an apology email to Japanese gamers after an embarrasssing typo in a marketing email. The email for Mario Strikers Battle League said, “Mario Kart Strikers” in its subject line, prompting an outpouring of amusing comments.   
  • Getting The Best Images In Restaurant Emails
    Restaurants send many emails featuring photos of their food. But some are not very appetizing. Here is a guide on how food providers can include appealing images in their emails. 
  • Lob Offers Tool To Automate Direct Mail
    Email marketers who also use direct mail might take note of a new product from Lob. It has launched a tool to automate  physical mail campaigns, supported by marketing automation data. 
  • Email Marketing Advice For Small Businesses
    Email marketing can be used by small businesses just as it is by large enterprises. Here is a guide for SMBS on how to get started with targeted email. 
  • Protecting Email Marketing From Cyber Attacks
    Email marketing is a successful way for companies to grow their business. The same is true for cyber criminals, who employ phishing and other devices to install malware. Here are tips on how email marketers can avoid cyber attacks and data leaks. 
  • Marketing Emails Fail For These Seven Reasons
    Poor email metrics are often signs of a larger problem. Here are seven reasons why marketing emails fail.
  • Researcher Warns That Facebook Accounts Can Be Hijacked When Gmail Code Is Used
    Security researcher Youssef Sammouda writes that Facebook accounts can be hijacked when users log in with their Gmail credentials. The problem occurs when Gmail’s OAuth authentication code is chained to vulnerabilities in Facebook.
  • Proton Founder Says 'Break Up Big Tech'
    Andy Yen, founder of the encrypted email service Proton, is no fan of big tech and its use of data. He argues that “the best way to protect data is actually to not have it in the first place.”
  • Google Adds Alt-Text Support For Gmail
    Gmail is letting users add alt-text to send images so that people using screen readers can hear sender-generated descriptions. It is one of several features covering Android, Workspace and Gmail. 
  • Republicans Confront Google Execs Over Alleged Email Bias
    A meeting between GOP senators and Google executives turned confrontational. The Republicans want answers over reports that Gmail targets their emails as spam. 
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