• Substack and Inrupt Seek To Protect Web3 User Rights
    Web3 enthusiasts at Consensus 2023 in Austin claim they’re returning ownership of data to users from centralized corporations. But it isn’t clear they really are. Substack and Inrupt aren’t waiting to enforce user rights. Here is an overview of the issue. 
  • Cybersecurity Experts Are Planning Budget Increases This Year
    Almost 100% of cybersecurity leaders plan to increase their budgets in the coming year, Fortinet found in its 2023 Global Ransomware Report. Here is an overview of the findings. 
  • Five Ways Email Marketing Has Changed In The Last 10 Years
    Email may be viewed as an old medium. But people who think it is out of date are mistaken. Here are the five biggest changes from the past decade.  
  • Three Tips For Finding The Best AI Email Software
    There are dozens of AI email marketing tools on the market. To find the best one, marketers should follow the three tips provided in this overview. 
  • B2B Marketing And The End Of Third-Party Cookies
    The end of third-party cookies is rapidly approaching. Going forward, targeting for B2B marketers will have to be based on browser input based on a user’s characteristics and interests.   
  • The Changes For B2B Companies Under California Law
    B2B marketers lost their exemption under California’s privacy law on January 1 of this year. Here’s an over of what this means to B2B brands and what their next steps should be towards compliance. 
  • Coping With Apple's iOS 16 Update
    Apple’s iOS 16 is designed to give mobile users more control over their devices. But what does this mean for marketers? There could be a drop in SMS open rates. Here is an overview on how to cope with the Apple update. 
  • An Email Marketing Guide For Law Firms
    Law firms face particular challenges when creating email campaigns and newsletter programs. Here is an overview on how they can improve their email open rates. 
  • Dos And Don'ts Of Email Marketing
    Email marketing remains the best way for engaging customers. But best practices can be hard to pinpoint. Here are 10 dos and don’ts of email marketing.   
  • UK Recruitment Firm Hit With Fine For Sending Spam
    Join The Triboo Limited (JTT), a London-based recruitment firm, has been hit with a £130,000 ($161,000) fine from Britain’s data watchdog for sending emails without consent. The company allegedly sent this so-called spam to 437,324 people between August 2019 and August 2020.   
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