• Tips For Promotional Products Firms On How To Build An Email List
    Email provides a direct conduit to customers for promotional products distributors and suppliers, especially in middle of a health crisis. But the email list is key. Here are eight ways to build a list, starting with the signing up of all new clients. 
  • Eight Ways To Boost Your Marketing With Email Signatures
    Email signatures can help a brand build trust and drive email marketing. But there are rules that must be followed. For one, ensure consistency by requiring that every department use the same template. Exclaimer’s Maria Dahlqvist Canton describes eight ways your email signature can boost your marketing efforts.  
  • Email Marketing Tips For Nonprofit Groups
    Nonprofit emails generated a 5% increase in open rates last year. Here are 15 ways nonprofits can achieve even greater results with their email marketing results this year. 
  • Google Fails To Port Popular Gmail Inbox Features: Opinion
    Google shut down Gmail’s Inbox forever last year. But it didn’t port some of the most popular features of Inbox. Here’s what that means for users. 
  • Microsoft Teams Reported Down As Europe Starts Its Work Week
    Microsoft Teams is down for some European users as the service experiences high usage because of the health crisis. It is the second outage for Teams this month. 
  • Brightcove Suffers Outage, CEO Apologizes
    Video platform Brightcove was hit with a service outage this week, promoting CEO Jeff Ray to apologize. Fay says that the outage, while it may not be tied to the coronavirus outbreak, shows that service is crucial. 
  • What You Need To Know About Email Marketing
    Email is now the default workplace. An expert shares everything he knows about how to master email marketing.  
  • Automation Can Help You Create a Healthy Email Diet
    Leading brands are using advanced machine-learning tools to determine each customer’s unique interests. The purpose: to create a nutritious email diet for every subscriber. Here is an explanation of what goes into this process.
  • UK DMA Study: Offers And Advice Drive Email Results
    Discounts, offers and advice are the types of email content that help brands achieve their campaign goals, according to a study by the UK’s Data & Marketing Association (DMA). Tim Bond, head of insight at the DMA, says, “The importance of email to a business cannot be understated.” 
  • Customer Acquisition For Ecommerce Brands
    Email plays a key role in helping ecommerce firms acquire new customers. It consists of sending customized messages to prospects, depending on where they are in the buying process. Here are tips from Springbot’s Erika Jolly Brookes on ways to pull in new customers, from retargeting to email. 
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