• Cloud-Based ESP Mailjet Raises $3.3 Million
    Cloud-based email services provider Mailjet has raised $3.3 million from Alven Capital and private investors, after surviving on only $300,000 in investments since its launch in late 2010. Mailjet leads with a simple, intuitive interface aimed at attracting smaller businesses and has grown from 3,000 to 10,000 clients in the past year. 
  • Indiemark Launches Abuse Prevention Service for ESPs and Marketers
    Indiemark announced today the launch of BlackBox, a service to help identify bad data within email lists. The service is available directly to marketers to evaluate purchased lists and their purveyors, as well as to ESPs that wish to analyze lists for bad data on behalf of their clients before mailings.
  • Email Snooping Bill Paves Way for Netflix Sharing
    The amendment to the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which passed yesterday through the Senate Judiciary Committee, may impact more than email privacy. The amendment is attached to an update to the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act that makes it easier for consumers to share information on Facebook about watched videos through services like Netflix. 
  • Senate Committee Passes Email Privacy Bill
    The Senata Judiciary Committee has passed an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act on Thursday. Senator Patrick Leahy wrote the bill, after taking the lead on updating the original 1986 act over two years ago. The bill is not expected to enter Congress for negotations until next year and is already subject to criticism from lawmakers that the bill does not yet strike the correct balance between public privacy and safety. Nevertheless, the Center for Democracy and Technology hailed the vote as "historic."
  • Most of $690 Million Raised Online By Obama Campaign Attributed to Emails
    The Obama campaign has released new information about the email marketing program used to organize and mobilize supporters, particularly for fundraising. The campaign reports that most of the $690 million raised online is attributable to emails, many of which were put through rigorous subject line testing of up to 18 different versions. The key learnings from the process were that many of the biggest breakthroughs were from the unlikeliest tactics, and also that all breakthroughs had a relatively short shelf-life, requiring continuous testing. 
  • Retailers Extend Cyber Monday Deals Online and In the Inbox
    Cyber Monday has evolved into Cyber Week, with many retailers continuing to pump the holiday with extended deadlines and new offers. Dick's Sporting Googs, Toys "R" Us, Avon, Overstock, Backcountry and many others continue to reference the shopping season.
  • Email Campaign Sees 137% Open Rate From Personalized Sender
    For a case study, MarketingSherpa tested two versions of a webinar promotion using the same subject line but different senders. One version was sent from "MarketingSherpa" while the other sender included a person's name along with the company. The version containing the personal name saw a 137% increase in open rate. The emails differed internally as well, with the "personal touch" version personalized with the recipient's name in the greeting, and using a less designed template to create the feel of a more personal note, resulting in a lift of 127% in click-throughs. The company does admit the test was …
  • 45% of Holiday Emails Opened on Mobile Devices
    According to new data from Experian Marketing Services, 46% of holiday emails sent during the week of November 18th were opened on a mobile device. The company also reports that email volume was up 23% on Thanksgiving and 29% on Cyber Monday over 2011. 
  • Greater Email Privacy Will Not Hinder Law Enforcement
    The bill introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy to update the 1986 Electronic Communications Act would add new safeguards to personal emails, but law enforcement experts do not believe the law - if passed - would provide any meaningful hindrances to law enforcement. Under the proposed law, enforcement agents would need a warrant to search emails more than 180 days old, when currently they only need to swear that the contents are relevant to an investigation. But for emails less than 180 days old, a warrant is needed even under the 1986 version of the law. Says the former president of …
  • NetLine, Marketo Partnership Brings New Leads Directly Into Marketing Automation Platform
    B-to-B advertising network NetLine Corporation has announced a partnership with marketing automation platform Marketo. Netline now offers lead generation services for the Marketo LauchPoint Ecosystem, using ads on its network to identify and deliver prospects directly into the Marketo platform.
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