• Democrats Leverage Kennedy Retirement In Emails
    Democrats sent out quick email fundraisers following the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s retirement. “This November, you won’t just be deciding the next Congress, you will be deciding the direction America goes in for the next half-century,” said Tom Perez in one. In another, Senator Elizabeth Warren said, “The stakes for Democratic control of the Senate have never been higher. Women’s rights, equal rights and health care are on the line.”  
  • How To Manage Data -- And GDPR Compliance
    Companies need to curate the wealth of data they have while complying with GDPR. Here is a guide to managing those two goals. 
  • Just Wines Lifts Email Engagement And Revenue
    Just Wines, an Australian wine seller, achieved a 17% increase in email-driven revenue. Here’s how.  
  • Four Productive Email Marketing Hacks
    Brands must avoid sending bland emails that “look exactly like the previous one.” Here are four email marketing hacks that will help your message stand out. 
  • Google Sends Email To Apologize For Google Home Glitch
    Google sent a mass email on Thursday to apologize for a slowdown of its Google Home feature. Rishi Chandra, Google’s vice president of Home products, said in the email that Google “found a glitch in one of our backend systems.” 
  • Best Practices For Email Segmentation
    Email segmentation can help B2B marketers improve their communication. Here is a primer on how to go about it. 
  • Email Called a 'Time-Sink' For CEOs
    Time management is the top challenge for CEOs, a Harvard Business Review study has found -- and email is one of the biggest workflow interruptions. 
  • How GDPR Affects Email Marketers
    Check your GPS, understand consent and honor opt-outs. Those are three simple rules for email marketers trying to navigate GDPR. 
  • ProtonMail Hit By Cyber Attack: Email Down For Minutes
    Email service provider ProtonMail has come under a “sustained” cyber attack, the company says. It adds that emails are “delayed but will not be lost.” 
  • GDPR Can Lead To Increased Consumer Trust
    There’s more to GDPR than compliance. RAPP’s Laura Aldridge explains why the new rule is an opportunity for brands to build trust with consumers.  
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