• Finding The Best No-Code Tools
    There are many no-code solutions, including those offered by Siter, Slides, Shopify, and Mailchimp. Here is a guide to choosing the best tools for getting started.
  • Google Warns Users Of Attack Threats
    Google has warned Gmail and Google Drive users that they may be in danger of being hacked. It is offering tips to help users protect themselves. 
  • Tips For Neophytes On Email Branding
    Companies getting started in email marketing must brand themselves properly in their first campaign. That includes everything from adding your logo to adding visuals. Here are tips from Constant Contact.  
  • The New Ecommerce Marketing Model
    No-code ecommerce tools are now widely available. “It is no longer about how to operate online,” Practical Ecommerce writes. “It is about how to market online.”
  • Changing B2B Marketing Trends: The Top Seven
    B2B marketing is changing as technology advances and other shifts occur. Here is an analysis of the top seven B2B marketing trends
  • How To Leverage Email And Web Landing Pages
    Email marketing and web landing pages can work well together. But each has to play its proper role. Here is a primer on this “dynamic duo for conversion.”
  • College Marketing May Be Biased
    High school students are being barraged with emails about colleges. But those who live in poorer areas are not getting the same messages as students from wealthy communities. 
  • How To Build Content Into Your Email Marketing
    Content is an invaluable part of a marketing strategy. Here is a three-step guide for building content into your marketing: mapping the customer journey, collating the right content, and bringing the two together in an email program.
  • Gmail Launches Pilot Program To Prevent Political Emails From Ending Up In Spam Folder
    Gmail has launched a pilot program to keep campaign emails out of spam folders. The FEC approved the plan last month. 
  • Zoom May Add Email And Calendar Tools
    Zoom may be planning to take on Google Workspace and Microsoft Office with email and calendar capabilities. Zoom has been looking for ways to build on its existing video base.  
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