• Email And Text Are On The Rise At Dinnertime
    Families still use dinnertime to connect with each other. But they are also increasingly being distracted by email and texts. Here’s what a recent poll found. 
  • Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Know
    Anything can be sold by email, but the sellers have to have a way of measuring results and setting up a strategy. Here is a primer on how to utilize the email channel — and determine if it’s working.   
  • FuzeHub To Help NY Manufacturers With Email Education
    FuzeHub, the center for the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership, has added marketing services and education. The network will educate manufacturers on email marketing, search engine optimization and other disciplines, and assist them with plan development and strategic messaging. 
  • LastPass Warns Users Of Master Password Breach
    Numerous LastPass users have been warned by email that their master passwords have been compromised. However, the efforts were blocked because they came from unfamiliar locations. 
  • Phishing Email Disrupts West Virginia Health Provider
    Mon Health Systems has warned that two affiliate hospitals have been affected by a phishing attack and possible leak of patient email account information. The firm first became aware of the breach in July, and confirmed it in October.  
  • The Case For Psychographics In Marketing
    Demographics can tell a firm who a customer is, but not their favorite sports teams or TV shows. Psychographics can tell all that and more.     
  • Vendors Benefit From Online Privacy Laws
    OneTrust and BigID are startups that help businesses comply with privacy regulations by deleting consumer data on request. Each of the many laws has its own flavor, an analyst says.     
  • Driving Revenue With Paid Email Newsletters
    Brands seeking to monetize their content might offer paid email newsletters. Here the reasons why, along with tips on how to go about it. 
  • Tips On Controlling Gmail Accounts After Death
    A person’s email account will live on after they die, especially given that Google will delete the content of inactive accounts but not the accounts themselves. Here are tips on how Gmail users can control their accounts prior to departure. 
  • What Marketers Can Do With 4.3 Billion Email Addresses
    The world will have 4.3 billion email addresses within two years, statistics show. Greg Sheppard, CMO of Templafy, discusses what this means for marketers. 
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