• Political Emails Should Be Accurate And Helpful
    Both Democrats and Republicans are sending emails containing misinformation. Campaigns should give donors factually accurate, helpful information. 
  • 12 Marketing Trends Forecast For 2022
    Shoppable links and bump offers—those generated via email and web platforms to SMS—are among the enhancements marketers can expect to see next year. Here are 12 mobile marketing trends experts are eyeing for 2022. 
  • Google Drive Emails Users Who Store Inappropriate Content
    Google is sending emails to users who violate its abuse policies by storing inappropriate content in Google Drive. This would include hate speech, sexually explicit material, spam and violent material. 
  • Apple Backs Down On App Privacy Rules: Report
    Apple is softening its new privacy rules to allow some user-specific information to be collected by app developers even when people have opted out. The report, which has not been confirmed by Apple, initially appeared in Financial Times. 
  • A Dirty Little Secret About B2B Marketing
    Here’s a secret about B2B email marketing: The email list is a transactional device, a sea of names to guide down the sales funnel. And you need an email newsletter to do that. Here is a guide to how it works.   
  • Google And Apple Hold 'Vice-Like' Grip Over Consumers: UK Competition Chief
    Google and Apple are holding a “vice-like grip over how we use mobile phones,”  says Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority. Here’s what that means for consumers. 
  • Avoiding The Empty Promise Of Cold Email Campaigns
    Cold emails often pull just a smattering of results. But they can work if the brand proceeded with some initial assumptions about the customer persona. Here’s how to avoid the empty promise of cold email marketing.  
  • Common Mistakes In Email Marketing
    Firms laboring in email marketing face many challenges, ranging from privacy regulations to the need for balance in frequency. SparkPost’s Sam Holding discusses the three most common slip-ups in email marketing—and how to avoid them. 
  • Intuit's Mailchimp Buy May Change Views On Taking VC Money
    Bootstrapping is usually seen as the most arduous journey for a high-tech firm. But Intuit’s $12 billion acquisition of Mailchimp may be changing that stereotype. 
  • Google Fights Vulnerability Used In The Wild
    Google is fighting a high-severity zero-day vulnerability exploited in the wild, releasing Chrome 96.0.4664.110 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, to address it. In a security advisory, the firm said, “"Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2021-4102 exists in the wild,"   
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