• Don't Use Tactics From The 1980s When Sending Emails In 2020
    Sending emails based solely on demographic segments is a leftover tactic from the 1980’s. The world has changed since then — and in the last three months. Aaron Raddon, co-founder and CTO of Lytics, explains how data can now drive today’s campaigns. 
  • Nonprofit Sends -- And Opens -- Grew In March
    Nonprofit emailers saw an average open rate of 29.3% in March -- a 4.4% increase over March 2019, Campaign Monitor reports. This happened as nonprofits sent 40% more email than they did in the same period last year. 
  • Why And How To Use Videos In Your Email Marketing
    Videos can boost your email marketing results by improving the dwell time and click-through rates of your messages. Here are seven tips for using videos in your email campaigns.  
  • Startup Advice For Small Business Startups
    Small business owners often wonder: “What do I need to get started? Roshni Wijayasinha,CMO of Foxquilt Insurance, answers that question in a primer on small business marketing. 
  • Happy Second Birthday To GDPR
    It’s the second birthday of GDPR. What has the law done in the roughly 730 days of its existence? It has been a balancing act for brands. Here’s an analysis of GDPR’s impact on marketing. 
  • Email Still First In Buyer's Journey
    Research shows that email still beats out other forms of marketing in the buyer’s journey. Here are some other findings. 
  • How To Optimize Across Channels
    Marketers need to optimize not within channels but across them. Arm Treasure Data’s Tom Treanor lays out a program for building a holistic marketing strategy.
  • Google Groups Redesign In Rollout Next Month
    Google Groups is rolling out its Material Themes redesign, featuring increased spacing and streamlined controls, for G Suite customers next month. But several features are still missing, including collaborative inboxes, tags and categories from the classic Groups. 
  • GDPR: A Two-Year Anniversary Review
    U.S. brands must minimize data volume, reduce data fragmentation and take a proactive approach on privacy. That’s what it looks like two years after the implementation of the GDPR.
  • Russian Cyberspies Employ Updated Malware: Report
    Security researchers have discovered a new version of the ComRAT malware that is being used by the Russian hacker group Turla. It is controlled through the Gmail web interface. 
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