• Polish Retailer Fined Under GDPR
    Polish retailer Morele.net has been fined  €645,000under GDPR for failing to protect data on 2.2 million customers collected through its nine websites. The company allegedly had “insufficient organizational and technical safeguards.”  
  • Julian Castro Email Was Not A Threat To Quit Race: Manager
    President hopeful Julian Castro send an email last week, saying: “I don’t say this lightly: if I don’t make the next debate stage, it will be the end of my campaign,” His campaign manager Maya Rupert denies that this was a threat to quit the race. 
  • Tips For Driving 'Giving Tuesday' Donations
    Giving Tuesday, started in 2012 as the fund-raising counterpoint to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brought in in $380 million last year. Giving Tuesday emails should be focused on a single call to action. 
  • Using Social Proof In Your Email Marketing
    Online retailers possess a lot of content that can be used for what is called social proof. Here’s a primer on how to integrate that content into their email marketing and drive purchasing without offering deep discounts. 
  • Virgin Adds Gender Pronouns To Email Signatures
    Virgin has added gender pronouns to its email signatures in an effort to promote diversity and retain employees. Workers can now indicate such pronouns as he/him/his or they/them/their. 
  • What To Do When Emailing Risky Subscribers
    Retailers are sometimes forced into emailing risky subscribers or people on the wrong list. They can improve results with tactics like using an email validation service or spacing out the risk. 
  • Try Tracking Actions That Consumers Don't Take
    Most email marketers track consumer behavior such as web-page visits an opt-in submissions. They should also track more passive behavior such as no purchase made or no email clicks. 
  • Less Than A Third Of Companies Are Fully Compliant With GDPR: Study
    Only 28% of organizations are fully compliant with the GDPR, according to reserch by Capgemini. The study found that only the most focused businesses were ready by the implementation of the law in 2018. 
  • The Role Of Automation In Email Marketing
    Gone are the day when SMBs could blast out emails with the salutation, “Dear Friend.” Today, brands can pull data from their CRM and send personalized emails that generate revenue. John Oechsle, CEO of Swiftpage, explains the role of automation in this process. 
  • Privacy Rules May Be Helping Email Marketers: Acoustic Report
    Email open rates and click-through rates have risen steadily over the last five years despite the growth of privacy regulations, Acoustic reports. Indeed, the new rules may be driving brands to improve their targeting. Loren McDonald, program director, marketing research at Acoustic, discusses the import of Acoustic’s recent benchmark report.  
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