• How Firms Can Stop Spearphishing
    Spearphishing is hitting law firms and businesses of all sizes. But it can be stopped when companies remove the bait. 
  • Using Social Media To Grow Email Newsletter Lists
    Email newsletter lists can be built using social media. For example, publishers can link to their newsletter in all their social media bios and employ YouTube pre-roll ads. 
  • 35 Email Project Management Tools
    Email creation involves many team members and a variety of tools. Here are 35 project management tools that can help enhance campaigns. 
  • Email's Role In Loyalty Personalization
    Email is an effective channel for reaching young loyalty program members with personalized messages. But brands should take care not to blow up their inboxes. 
  • U.S. Version Of GDPR Now Being Drafted
    Reports say a federal privacy bill draft resembling Europe’s GDPR could appear early in 2019. Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Republican Jerry Moran are working on a bipartisan bill. 
  • Strategies For Fighting Holiday Email Churn
    Consumers respond to the barrage of holiday emails by unsubscribing at high rates. Email marketers can fight this with personalization and a mobile-first strategy.  
  • Uber Hit With Additional Fines For Data Breach
    Uber is being hit with over $1 million in additional fines for a 2016 data breach, exposing the names and email addresses of customers. The UK ICO and the Dutch data protection watchdog both weighed in with six-figure fines. 
  • Seth Godin's Advice To Marketers On The Year Ahead
    Companies have a long history of burning and wasting attention and trust, says pundit Seth Godin. Here are Godin’s prescriptions for marketing in 2019.
  • Subject Line Strategies That Boost Open Rates
    Subject lines can make or break an email campaign. Here are five subject line strategies to boost open rates.
  • The Limits Of Campaign-Based Marketing
    Many marketers are failing to realize the full potential of digital media. One reason is that it is difficult to manage campaigns across all digital channels.  
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