• Tips For Conquering 2023 With Email
    The year 2023 is upon us, and email marketers are wondering what will happen next as they race to launch campaigns. Email expert Ryan Phelan offers four marketing takeaways from 2022 to help you conquer 2023. 
  • How To Use Videos In Email Campaigns
    Some marketers deplore the idea of videos in email. But 87% are deploying them, and the trend is on an upward curve. Here are 10 smart ways to use videos in your email marketing campaigns.  
  • Siloed Teams Can Reduce Personalization ROI
    Siloed marketing teams, where the ecommerce team doesn’t interface with the email team, have difficulty providing personalized experiences. Here is an overview on process measurements and the ROI of personalization.  
  • SMS Marketing During The Holidays And Into 2023
    SMS marketing is growing in popularity. And it was especially prevalent in November prior to Cyber Weekend. Here is an analysis of how SMS performed during the holidays and when it means for 2023. 
  • Apple Hit For Lack Of Storage Space On New iCloud
    Critics point out that Apple provides only 5GB of storage space free with the new iCloud. Digital Trends argues that there’s “no arguing that 5GB is literally nothing these days.”
  • Marketers Say The Metaverse Is Overhyped
    Half of marketers surveyed by Marketing Brew feel that the metaverse is the most overhyped trend of the year. Here are other findings from the recent poll. 
  • Four Holiday Marketing Email Tips
    Running an email marketing program takes more than luck. Here are four tips for creating a more effective holiday shopping campaign. 
  • Email Service Providers Put Mobile App Users At Risk: Report
    Email service providers Mailgun, Mailchimp and SendGrid have put over 54 million mobile app users at risk. U.S. consumers have downloaded these apps the most, but those in other countries like India were also vulnerable, cyber-security firm CloudSERK says. 
  • Making Sense Of Demand Gen And Lead Gen
    B2B marketers frequently discuss demand gen and lead gen. But what’s the difference? Here is an overview on how these activities can impact your sales funnel. 
  • Five Reasons Email Marketing Still Works
    Have faith, those of you who doubt that email is declining as a medium. Here are five facts to convince you it’s time to kickstart your email marketing program. 
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