• 44% of North American Companies Have Seen Several Data Breaches This Year
    Twenty percent of B2B companies reported that they were the victim of four or more data breaches in the past year, according to a new report from Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab.
  • Michigan State University Could Pay $3 Million in Data Breach
    A data breach at Michigan State University could cost the school around $3 million to clean up. The data breach revealed the names and MSU identification numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses of students. Around 400,000 records for current and former students and staff were on the exposed database.
  • FBI May Have Been Investigating Trump During Election
    The FBI may have been investigating Donald Trump around the time that the agency's director James Comey wrote a letter to Congress letting them know that the agency had found additional emails in its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.
  • Japanese Media Employee Accused of Email Hacking
    An employee of Japanese news organization Nikkei Inc. has been arrested for allegedly hacking into the email accounts of a popular Japanese model, and several other individuals.
  • Jill Stein's Recount Helps Generate Email List
    Jill Stein's presidential recount efforts have the potential to help her build up her voter database. The former Green Party candidate has raised more than $6.4 million to help fund the recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The list that she has generated in the recount includes name, email address and credit card information, which can be useful for her in future campaigns, as well as for renting out.
  • US Navy Victim of Latest Data Breach
    The US Navy has experienced a data breach which has exposed the names, social security numbers and other personal data of more than 130,000 current and former sailors.
  • iCloud Calendar Users Hit With Event Invite Spam
    Spammers hit iCloud users with calendar invites over the holiday weekend.
  • Segmentation & List Growth Are Email Marketers Biggest Challenges: Clutch
    Segmentation/targeting and list growth are marketers' top challenges when it comes to email marketing, according to a new report from Clutch.
  • Apple Pushes Music Products in Holiday Marketing Emails
    Apple has been sending out email marketing messages to promote its products as holiday gifts this season.
  • Amazon Employee Sends Email to CEO Before Attempting Suicide at Work
    An overworked Amazon employee unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the company's headquarters in Seattle.
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