• Driving Response To Email Subject Lines
    Over 60% of consumers open emails based on the subject line. But there are tactics that can improve the open rate—like personalization, and use of question mark. Here is an overview of email ideas from DesignModo. 
  • Better Get Ready To Dump The Email Open Rate
    Email marketers basing their success on clicks and opens may be in for a rude awakening as the privacy landscape changes. Here is an overview on why it’s time to say goodbye to the email open rate. 
  • The Benefits Of B2B Lead Scoring
    Some firms should stop focusing on lead management and instead turn to lead scoring. Here is an overview from Alex Macura, founder of Your Digital Assembly, on how to streamline sales & marketing efforts while boosting ROI. 
  • Shopify Unveils AI-Powered Email Marketing Tool
    Shopify Inc. today introduced Sidekick, an artificial intelligence chatbot that can help retailers redesign their e-commerce websites and analyze sales data. In addition, Shopify is offering a new AI-powered email marketing tool. 
  • Moving From Spray-And-Pray To A Conversational Email Approach
    Conversational email marketing is on the rise. Here is an overview of why shifting from a spray-and-pray campaign to a more personal, conversational approach can improve your email marketing results.
  • An Email Sequence For The Back-To-School Season
    The back-to-school season is here. And it follows that brands must gear up their email marketing to reach families. Here is a 7-email sequence for boosting back-to-school sales.
  • Hackers And Phishing Artists Use AI For Brand Ends
    Hackers and other bad actors are using AI to create malicious software, draft phishing emails and spread disinformation. Sami Khoury, head of Canadian Centre for Cyber Security said that his agency had seen AI being used "in phishing emails, or crafting emails in a more focused way, in malicious code (and) in misinformation and disinformation."
  • Apple Is Working On AI Tool To Challenge OpenAI And Google: Report
    Apple is developing an artificial intelligence tool to challenge OpenAI and Google, among others. Some engineers refer to it as AppleGPT, but the internal codename is Ajax. Bloomberg reports.     
  • Resend Draws $3 Million In Seed Funding Round
    Resend, an email firm focused on developers, has scored a $3 million seed funding round. Y Combinator and SV Angel participated, but the round also drew angel investors, including Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, Figma’s Dylan Field, Vercel’s Guillermo Rauch, Supabase’s Paul Copplestone and Segment founder Calvin French-Owen.
  • Engaging B2B Buyers Through Multiple Channels
    B2B marketers need to engage customers through cross-channel campaigns based on what buyers want. Here is an overview on how to harness connectivity for B2B interaction. 
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