• Small Businesses Use Email Newsletters To Promote Themselves
    Small business owners are sending email newsletters to promote and share information about themselves. Case in point: Brandy Thomason McNair started a newsletter after launching Bella Vita Jewelry in 2008.
  • It's Time To Use Platforms You Own-Like Your Email List
    With social media developments ever more confusing, it is time to build our own properties and use social media to bring people to the platforms you own—like your email list. Here is the case for why your business needs email marketing. 
  • The Perils Of Using Generative AI
    Generative AI is being used for a variety of content forms. But there is danger. Here is an overview of the types of legal issues that accompany Generative AI use, from consumer protection to intellectual property.
  • The New Ways Of Identifying Both B2B and B2C Consumers
    Identifying B2B and B2C buyers is hardly easy in a privacy-driven environment. Here is an overview on use of identity resolution platforms, zero-party data, data clean rooms and community building from the MarTech Conference. 
  • Zoom Partners With OpenAI On Generative AI
    Zoom, the video-conferencing platform, is partnering with OpenAI to expand its smart companion, Zoom IQ, and to provide a flexible approach to AI. The move will allow Zoom to make “generative AI a driving force” in making organizations more productive, it says. 
  • British Consumers Are Sharing Personal Information In Emails: Study
    Some British consumers have little hesitation about sharing personal data at risk in emails. A study by Beyond Encryption found that 43% had shared data like bank account or passport details in emails over the past year, with Gen Z twice as likely as Baby Boomers to do so. 
  • How To Create Compelling Campaigns In the Well-Trod Email Channel
    Email is a well-trod marketing channel -- but it can still be improved. Here is an overview on the new rules for creating compelling campaigns. 
  • Politicos Can't Distinguish AI And Human Emails: Study
    Legislators were only slightly less likely to respond to constituent email messages generated by AI (15.4%) than those authored by humans (17.3%), according to new research from Cornell. A field experiment investigated how GPT-3, the predecessor to the most recent model, would fare.
  • TalkTalk Email Faced Outage On Monday Morning
    UK consumers had trouble accessing their email accounts on TalkTalk Monday morning. The company acknowledged there were issues related to “sending and receiving emails.”
  • Klaviyo Lays Off 140 Employees
    Marketing automation firm Klaviyo has laid off 140 staffers. The layoff affects employees across all teams, including engineering and design. 
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