• Email Marketing Is Based On Quality, Not Quantity
    Return on investment is more important than the size of the email list.
  • Most Verifiable Comments Favor Title II Repeal In Survey
    Survey finds that most respondents favor Title II net neutrality repeal. But millions of comments were fake.
  • Essential Products Exposes Customer Data With Bungled Email
    Consumers who bought the Essential Phone from Essential Products were in for a surprise: Their emails were shared with everyone.
  • Two Killer Myths Of Email Marketing
    Don't fool yourself that people are waiting for your content, and that unopened emails just weren't delivered. Here's why.
  • Marketers Don't Fear That AI Will Replace Them: Study
    Far from thinking that it will replace them, most marketers believe in AI -- and think it will make their jobs easier.
  • Consumers Want Less Promotional Brand Emails
    Consumers are sick of hard-sell email messages that are not informative enough and irrelevant, but they’d still rather get email offers from brands compared to direct mail, mobile apps or social media. Those findings arrived today from Adobe research.
  • Bloggers Dump On 'No Reply' Emails
    'No Reply' emails that block replies are irritating some recipients.
  • Firms Analyze Email Flow In Change Management Research
    Businesses can now track change--and work patterns--by analyzing email traffic and calendar data.
  • IRS Warns Of Phishing Scam Tied To Fake FBI Questionnaire
    The public has been alerted about a new phishing scam that includes a fake FBI questionnaire. The IRS issued the warning on Monday.
  • Airbnb Sent Water-Themed Email As Storm Engulfed Texas
    As rain poured down on Houston, Airbnb sent an email advertising "floating homes" and "waterfall slides."
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