• NSA Is Spying on Yahoo & Google Cables Around the Globe
    The National Security Agency and Britain's Government Communications Headquarters have reportedly tapped into the fiber-optic cables which connect Google and Yahoo's overseas servers and use this to copy emails and other information that flow through these cables. This is according to the latest round of documents leaked by the whistleblower Edward J. Snowden. These government agencies have taken advantage of this data as it is traveling around global data centers. Both Google and Yahoo denied an awareness of this program.
  • American Parents Prefer Email Consultations for Their Kids Minor Sicknesses: Report
    Most American parents would rather consult with their pediatricians over email than go into the office when their child is a little bit sick, according to a new poll by Medicine Net. Many parents just want a little bit of advice and don't want to have to pay a co-payment if their kid has a minor cold. At the same time, parents do not want to have to pay for online consultations. Most doctors don't charge for email consultations, but many expressed concerns that email consultations do increase their workload.
  • Despite Wanting to be Customer-Centric, Marketers are Not Taking a Cross Channel Approach: Forrester
    Despite the fact that marketers say they'd like to be more customer-centric, they are not spending their money to make a more personalized cross channel approach, according to a new report by Forrester Research which was underwritten by email services firm Responsys. According to the report, 48 percent of marketers are focused on building long-term customer relationships and 45 percent want to enhance the customer experience across channels. Despite that fact, when Forrester asked marketers which marketing channels they plan to spend more on in 2014, 59 percent said that they plan to spend more money on batch and blast …
  • Lavabit & Silent Circle Return With Dark Mail
    Email encryption service companies Lavabit and Silent Circle, both of whom shut recently, have returned with a new protocol called Dark Mai. The collaborative project promises to keep messages from the eyes of snooping governments without being subject to court orders. The new system offers a sophisticated encryption with a red-light/green-light interface that shows whether an email is being sent over unencrypted channels. The protocol limits metadata so that it is difficult for an observer to track each email's sender and recipient.
  • Amherst College Apologizes For Email
    Amherst College has apologized over an email sent out by a residential area coordinator ahead of homecoming weekend. According to reports, the email warned about "unwanted sexual advances" by drunken alumni. "Keep an eye out for unwanted sexual advances. A lot of alums come back for Homecoming pretty jaded with the bar scene and blind dating of the real world and are eager to take advantage of what they now perceive to be an 'easy' hook-up scene back at Amherst," the email read.
  • 61% of Mobile Opens Take Place on Phone or Tablet: MovableInk
    Consumers are 15 times more likely to open brand emails on an iPad than on an Android tablet, according to a new report from email services provider Movable Ink. The "US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q3 2013" also revealed that mobile devices continue to lead desktops in email opens. In fact, 61 percent of email opens take place on a phone or a tablet. The iPhone is the most popular mobile device to open a brand email on with 36 percent of emails being opened on the device. The iPad commands 14 percent of brand email opens, Android phones take …
  • 75% of Consumers Will Delete Emails That Don't Render on Their Device: BlueHornet
    Seventy-percent of consumers delete emails that don't render well on the device that they are opening it on, according to metrics from BlueHornet. In addition, according to other industry stats more than 50 percent of email opens occur on a mobile device.
  • Indian Court Asks Indian Government to Get Its Email Policy Together
    The Delhi High Court has asked the Indian Government to establish an email policy for government employees within a month. The request is part of the Public Records Act and is aimed at making sure that official data is not transferred to a server outside of India. The court is also asking the government to issue electronic signature notifications when someone sends a complaint to the government through email to Facebook in order to better track issues.
  • Apple CEO Emails Employees Telling Them He Is 'Extremely Proud' of Them
    After yesterday's financial press conference, Apple's CEO Tim Cook sent an email out to Apple employees going over the highlights of the latest quarter and praising staffers. "I'm extremely proud of the collaboration going on across the company and everything we've accomplished as result of this great team effort," he wrote in the email.
  • Golf Pulp Media is Partnering with Golf Companies For Flash Sale Holiday Email Series
    Golf Pulp Media is offering golf companies the opportunity to send holiday email marketing campaigns that reach 20,000-100,000 golfers through a flash sale campaign offering. Golf product sellers can partner with Golf Pulp Media to sell merchandise through these limited-time email promotions which will be available to consumers for a limited time.
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