• The British Labour Party Upsets Constituents With 'Overdrawn' Email
    The British Labour party sent an email to supporters with the headline 'Overdrawn,' causing an uproar among constituents on Twitter. The email focused on the struggles of a small shop owner who explains that he is struggling to keep the lights and heating on in his shop. Twitter followers complained about the message as creating a feeling of panic.
  • Merced Mayor Cuts Ties With Supporter Who Sent Questionable Campaign Email
    The Mayor of the California town of Merced Stan Thurston has cut off a member of his re-election committee after the supporter sent an email message that used Thurston's opponent Noah Lor's ethnicity to gain voter support. The email pointed out the great job that Thurston had done for the town and said that he needed all of the support he could get because Lor would have "all of his own kind" voting for him.
  • Brooklyn DA in Hot Seat as Emails He Exchanged with Strategist Allegedly Included Racist Terms
    Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is in the hot seat after reports have circulated that he used his government email account to create a campaign strategy with a political ally that appeared to use a racial slur in a message to Hynes. In the email exchange with New York's former chief judge Sol Wachtler, Wachtler allegedly used the term "schwarze," a derogatory Yiddish word for a black person. Hynes denies the charges and says that it is likely a forgery created by a former employee whom which he had a personal dispute.
  • Email App Dispatch Update Lets Consumers Bring Multiple Inboxes Into One App
    Email app Dispatch, a tool that lets consumers turn their inbox into a set of action items, has just been updated giving consumers more actions to choose from. The update brings a unified inbox feature, letting users access inboxes across all of their email accounts. This includes support for Gmail, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo, and FastMail.
  • Manchester United Apologizes For Sending Email With Logo That Resembled a Swastika
    British football outfit Manchester United has come out and said sorry for sending a promotional email to fans with a graphic that looked like a swastika inside. Fans took to Twitter to complain about the logo which was part of an email about the club's new players entitled 'New Order.' The club's head of media, David Sternberg stated, "The creative is completely inappropriate; we apologise unreservedly and are taking appropriate internal action."
  • Los Angeles Puts Out RFP For Email Provider Seeking Cloud Option
    The City of Los Angeles has put out an RFP looking for a new email service to begin managing its government emails in November 2014, when its current contract with Google expires. The company is looking for an email cloud service. This would not be the first time that the city used the cloud for email. In 2009, the city tried to migrate its employees from a traditional on-premises email system to a cloud service, but decided to pull the cloud feature before roll out was complete due to technical challenges.
  • LinkedIn Says Its New Email Scanning Tool is Secure
    LinkedIn has defended issues raised by security experts about its LinkedIn Intro feature, a new tool that adds profile data about a sender when you receive an email. LinkedIn says that its process is safe and called it "the most secure implementation we believed possible." The company is responding to reports from security analysts that claimed the tool was insecure.
  • Denver Police Sends Email Warning About Leaking Information, Email Gets Leaked
    The Denver police sent an internal email stressing the importance of not leaking information to the press. That email was leaked. CBS4, the outlet that reported the information, said that they had received it from more than one officer. "Once the media makes it a story, the facts can be twisted, inaccurate, incomplete, misquoted and the public has a misperception of the issue, the situation, and basically who we are and what we do," the email read.
  • Google Adds Handwriting Feature to Gmail
    Google is now allowing Gmail users to add their handwriting to email messages so that they can send emails in their own handwriting. Users must employ their mousepad or cursor to write out a message and Google will turn the typed version into a handwritten version. The tool is in more than 50 languages for Gmail and in 20 languages for Google Docs.
  • LinkedIn App Update Connects Profiles with iPhone Emails
    LinkedIn updated its apps this week and in doing so introduced a new feature called "Intro" which lets iPhone users see the LinkedIn profiles of people who have sent them an email. The feature works without even having to leave the regular iPhone email app. The recipient of the email sees the sender's name, their LinkedIn profile picture, and the company they work for and their title. The recipient can also click to find out more about the sender's career, and other LinkedIn connections.
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