• Salesforce CEO Benioff To Make 'Surprise Announcement' On Mad Money Show: Report
    Salesforce shares rose by 1.8% on the news that CEO Marc Benioff will make a “surprise” announcement on Wednesday night’s Mad Money show. There were no details on the nature of the surprise. 
  • Ebay Boosts Email Opens With AI-Driven Copywriting
    Ebay used AI-powered copywriting to boost its email performance by over 700,000 opens per campaign. Here’s a case study on how content improved response. 
  • What To Do About The Drop In B2B Email Response
    Email response fell to a record low in April, according to HubSpot. What did companies do incorrectly? They have increased the number of emails by 50%, playing a zero-sum game. Carbon Design’s Scott Gillum explains why that was wrong — and how B2B brands can recover. 
  • Six Ways Email Can Help Drive D2C Sales
    Email is an essential tool for DTC businesses, helping them to drive ROI. Here are six ways to boost sales mail marketing. First, ask your audience for their preferences.
  • B2B Marketers Should Exceed B2C In Personalization
    B2B brands have long been urged to emulate their B2C counterparts with personalized marketing. But that’s not good enough--they should go even further, Merkle B2B Group CEO Michael McLaren argues
  • A Guide To Cold Email Outreach
    Cold email outreach is now the main tactic for creating new business relationships, replacing the cold call. Here’s a guide on how to use email to achieve high conversion rates and satisfied clients. 
  • Two-Track Marketing: Outbound And Inbound
    We’ve all heard the terms outbound and inbound marketing. But what do they really mean? Here’s a discussion of what they are, the relationship between them and how to leverage them. 
  • AMP And Other Tools That Can Add Value To Your Email
    Consumers may be more responsive to email. But brands can’t take that for granted. SparkPost’s April Mullen and Barber & Hewitt’s Michael Barber offer tip on how to make your email more valuable to customers, starting with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). 
  • How Strategic Email Marketing Can Help Administrative Services Firms
    Email marketing works for most types of businesses, and the administrative services field is no exception. Here are strategic email marketing tips for firms in this industry. 
  • Beverage Brand Plays To Its Strengths With Email
    Coffee/beverage brand Whittard of Chelsea is skilled at email marketing. Here’s a report from one observer who enjoys the emails almost as much as the coffee and hot chocolate. 
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