• Three Marketing Tech Tips To Follow In 2020
    Want to boost your email marketing — and marketing in general — in 2020? Here are three suggestions to keep in mind: incorporate automation-driven tools, use Big Data and migrate to the cloud. 
  • Beyond Open Rates: How To Measure Breaking News Alerts
    Traditional metrics like open and click-through rates can be used when evaluating email newsletters. But the task is harder when it comes to breaking news alerts in which the subject line contains everything the reader needs to know. Here are some ideas on news alert metrics. 
  • Microsoft Sues Purported North Korean Hacking Group
    North Korean hackers stole sensitive information from computers in the U.S., according to a lawsuit filed by Microsoft. The suit names two employees of Thallium, which the complaint alleges is a “cybertheft operation.”  
  • Behind The Growing Use Of Pronouns In Email Signatures
    Pronouns will increasingly be used in email signatures and bios in the years to come. This is an easy way for many transgender people to share the pronouns they prefer, and it also normalizes discussions about gender.  
  • How Lids Toned Up Its Personalization
    Sports brand Lids has improved its personalization with the help of AgilOne, the firm recently acquired by Acquia. Here is a case study on how. 
  • Big-Money Email Scams Took Over In The Past 10 Years
    Email scammers have moved on from Nigerian Prince shakedowns and other frauds focused on individuals: They now aim at companies—and larger rewards—with business email compromise schemes. Here’s how email scams have changed over the past decade, and what to expect in the 2020s. 
  • Three Ways To Tone Up Your Email Marketing In 2020
    Want to improve your email marketing program in 2020? Here are three tips: First, subscribe to your own emails so you can get the customer perspective. Second, look for API solutions. Third, test and test some more. 
  • How To Engage B2B Customers With Email
    Just like consumers, B2B customers are irritated by badly done emails. So here is some advice on how to engage email recipients: Use tactful personalization and streamline your content. 
  • CCPA Is Driving Privacy Emails From Brands
    Consumers are being barraged with emailed privacy updates from Postmates, Condé Nast, Hulu and many other brands. The reason: The pending California Consumer Privacy Act, which takes effect Jan. 1. 
  • A Review Of Email Checker DeBounce
    DeBounce is an email checker with a variety of features including email verification API and anti-greylisting technology MTA. Here is a review. 
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