• BEC Scams Pull In $3 Billion Since 2016: BBB
    The BBB reports that business email compromise scams have cost businesses and other groups over $3 billion since 2016. Usually, the scammer poses as a reliable person like a boss and sends an email from a hacked or spoofed account.  
  • Reaching Millennial Store-Card Holders
    Private-label credit cards are increasingly popular with millennials. Email is a proven tool for reaching those shoppers—but it better be personalized. 
  • UK Pharmacy Hit With Fine Under GDPR
    Authorities have fined a London-based pharmacy £275,000 for careless storage of patient data under GDPR. The documents included such personal details as names, addresses, dates of birth and medical information.
  • Email Personalization A Priority In 2020: Poll
    Email personalization will be a top priority for marketers in 2020, a Bluecore study shows. Here are the numbers and an analysis of why they’re important. 
  • Last-Minute Emails From eBay and Etsy: Too Late?
    On Sunday, writer Ina Steiner received last-minute shopping emails from eBay and Etsy. Were these brands too late? Steiner describes the tardy messages. 
  • Seven Ways To Boost Your Email In 2030
    Not seeing the results you want from your email ? Try changing your approach. For one thing, think mobile first, laptop second. And go for minimalist email copy and design. Here are seven ways to boost your email results in 2020.
  • Tips From Geeks For Protecting Your Email List
     Nothing is more valuable than your email marketing list. But you need to protect it. Here are suggestions from email geeks on how to communicate with customers while observing best practices.
  • The New Currency: Email Addresses And Other Personal Data
    Consumers are willing to share email addresses and personal details in return for discounts and other benefits—that data is the new currency.  Here’s an explanation of this phenomenon.  
  • It's Time To Share What You Know About Email Marketing
    The year is ending. It’s time for marketers to share what they have learned with those who follow. Ryan Phelan explains this inspirational thought.  
  • Alleged Email Scam Artists Busted in Vegas
    Five people were arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly running an email and telemarketing scam that victimized seniors. They claimed to be from the IRS or other government agencies, the indictment states.  
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