• DA Candidate Blasts 'Race-Baiting' Emails Sent By Union
    Pamela Price, progressive candidate running to become district attorney of Alameda County, alleges that the Oakland Police Officers Association is “race-baiting” in emails sent in support of her opponent: incumbent Nancy O’Malley. She says the union is targeting non-black voters. 
  • Tips On How To Monetize An Email List
    Email lists are a path to new revenue. Here are suggestions from author and radio host Bennie Randall Jr. on how to monetize a list. 
  • Strategies For Avoiding Gmail's Promotions Tab
    Gmail plays an important part in email marketing. But brands must try to keep their emails out of Gmail’s promotions tab so they land in the recipient’s primary inbox tab. Here are five tips for how to do this. 
  • Salesforce Stock Rises After Earnings Report
    Salesforce stock rose on Wall Street on Tuesday despite a general downward trend following a report showing that revenue rose 25% during Q1, compared with the same period in 2017. The CRM platform provider generated $3.01 billion, compared with the $2.94 billion expected by analysts.  
  • Starbucks Founder Schultz Emails Customers To Explain Closures
    Starbucks founder Howard Schultz has emailed customers to explain the company’s decision to close stores on Tuesday to train employees in inclusiveness. This follows the arrest of two African-American men who were waiting for a friend in a Philadelphia outlet. 
  • Hacker Gets Five Years In Yahoo Breach Case
    Karim Baratov, a computer hacker charged with using data stolen in a Yahoo data breach, was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $250,000. Baratov -- who unwittingly worked with a Russian spy agency, according to prosecutors -- used the data to gain access to private emails. 
  • Jamaican Firms Are Prepared For GDPR
    Jamaican marketing firms say they’re ready for GDPR. Some see an opportunity in the new law. 
  • Missouri Gov. Charged With Misusing Email List Resigns
    Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has announced he will resign following charges that he illegally used a donor email list to raise for 2016 campaign, and sexual misconduct allegations. 
  • New York Times Writer Creates Email Weekend Dustup
    A New York Times contributor reveals how an email he sent went to countless other authors. The result was a weekend digital nightmare. 
  • BlackBerry's Plan For GDPR Compliance
    BlackBerry started preparing for GDPR by forming a cross-functional team, and then updated its procedures. David Blonder, global DPO for the Canadian brand, explains how the company is complying with the EU’s new privacy law. 
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