• Only 7% of Retailers Personalize Emails: SimpleRelevance
    Sending an email with a personalized subject line can increase open rates by 26 percent, according to Experian Marketing Services. However, despite this fact, only 7 percent of retailers are actually addressing email recipients by name, according to metrics revealed from SimpleRelevance.
  • Daniel Snyder Doesn't Use Email
    Washington Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder doesn't use email or social media. In an interview with Comcast SportsNet, the American billionaire revealed this tidbit.
  • Microsoft Won't Cave on Email Privacy
    Microsoft is not letting down its push for email privacy. Despite a federal judge ordering the company to share customer email data with the US government that was stored on servers in Dublin, Ireland, the company is not backing down. They recently blogged their stance: "Your email belongs to you, not us" and the company is also targeting politicians with their privacy-centric message.
  • State of Pennsylvania is Shopping For Email Archiving System
    The state of Pennsylvania is considering purchasing an email archiving system. The idea is to keep an archive of emails sent by its 80,000 executive branch so that the information would be available in the case of a lawsuit or a Freedom of Information request. If the government purchases a system, it would cover 47 agencies under the governor's jurisdiction. It would likely cost the state $2-3 million a year.
  • JackThreads Increase Revenue Per Emails Among Mobile Commerce Customers Using Deep Links to Apps
    E-commerce firm JackThreads has increased its revenue per email by 21 percent among customers that have downloaded its mobile commerce app ever since the company began adding deep links to its apps within its email marketing messages. This is a huge increase for the brand since 45 percent of the retailer's sales come through mobile apps. The way that it works is that a customer that has already downloaded the app will automatically be directed into the app as soon as they click on the email link. The app will autoload the promotion from the email within the app.
  • Yahoo Mail Updates iPad App
    Yahoo has updated it email app for iPads, adding a new "minimize compose" feature. The new feature allows users to swipe down on the header bar in order to minimize a compose email window. Users could do this to jump between composing a message and navigating their inbox.
  • Email Inventor to Celebrate Email's Birthday With Live Interview
    V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai invented email more than 40 years ago. In honor of email's birthday on Saturday, The Huffington Post will host a live interview with Ayyadurai in which he talks about his invention, its history and how it has transformed communications ever since.
  • Canadian Town's Servers Down For a Month After Spam Attack
    The city government in the Canadian town of Berwick Nova Scotia was attacked by an virus that shut down the town's email communications for almost a month. The town council reported that after malware got inside its email system, their servers turned into a spam generating machine. The government agency address the problem and get its email communications system back in place.
  • Mozilla Accidentally Exposed 97,000 Email Addresses & Passwords For Three Months
    The Mozilla Developer Network exposed the email addresses and encrypted passwords of 97,000 users for three months after a server migration. The users were early adopted of Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracking software. The company has discovered the leak and has taken precautions to server the data. This is the second leak that the company has disclosed in the last month. Earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation revealed that it had accidentally exposed 76,000 email addresses and 4,000 encrypted passwords for a month.
  • Time Warner Restores Service After Outage
    Time Warner Cable has reported that Internet outages experienced across its network have been fixed. The issue, which affected Internet users nationwide, left many users without Internet service or access to their email accounts. The company is still investigating the cause of the problem.
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