• 10 Rules For Reducing Email Stress
    Email and smartphones contribute to what is called “technostress.” Here are 10 rules for reducing email stress, beginning with the subject line and going on through timing and asking yourself whether email is the right medium. 
  • What Email Marketers Need To Know About Google's AMP
    Google unveiled AMP for email on Tuesday of this week. Here is what email marketers need to know about it, beginning with its interactive capabilities. 
  • A Guide To Email Marketing Automation
    Email automation should be at the center of any marketing technology stack. Here is a guide to email automation, beginning with a definition and moving on through the best tools to utilize. 
  • A Primer On The Subject Of Subject Lines
    The subject line is the most important part of an email -- it either persuades the person to open the message or not to. Here are some tips on crafting subject lines that work.    
  • How To Find The Best Email Solutions For SMBs
    Email marketing helps SMBs establish continuing customer relationships. But first the business has to find the right tools. Here are guidelines for evaluating the best email marketing solutions. 
  • Omnisend CEO On The Move Toward Omnichannel
    Omnisend started as an email marketing vendor. But it has since moved into data-driven marketing automation a way of reaching ecommerce customers in a variety of ways. CEO Rytis Lauris explains why in a Q&A. 
  • Poland Issues First GDPR Fine
    Polish regulators have issued their first GDPR fine, a £187,000 penalty against a firm that took personally identifiable information on over 6 million citizens from the country’s Central Electronic Register and Information on Economic Activity. But it notified only the 90,000 individuals for whom it had email addresses. 
  • The Right Way To Handle Email Unsubscribes
    Email marketing may be a low-cost way of engaging your audience. But email fatigue can set in, and people may want to unsubscribe. Here’s a guide to letting go of subscribers while preserving your reputation. 
  • Writing Emails That People Always Open
    Emails should read as if there is a personal connection. One way to achieve that is to write an EFAB: Email From A Bestie.
  • Cruise's Daughter Is Face of Scientology Recruiting Email: Report
    Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella is featured in a Scientology recruiting email in which she extols the faith and thanks her father for everything. She also discusses her experience going through “auditing.” 
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