• How And Why To Start An Email Newsletter
    Email newsletters help firms build relationships — when they provide personalized and topical content. Here are tips on how to create compelling email newsletters.  
  • The 11 Most Effective Phishing Schemes
    Email phishing schemes prey on emotions like sympathy, fear and greed. They also exploit peoples’ naïveté. Here is a roundup of the 11 most sophisticated online scams. 
  • Most Retail Buying Decisions Are Made At Home: Study
    A study found that 88% of all key purchase decisions are made or discussed at home, and that spouses are the people most frequently consulted. In addition, direct mail is part of the process in driving sales. 
  • Millennials And Gen Z Require Different Marketing Approaches
    Marketers often forget that Millennials and Generation Z are two separate cohorts, and that they have different levels of access to technology. Here’s a guide on how to market to the two groups. 
  • Email Engagement Starts With Relevant Content
    Subject line wording, emojis and design can all affect email response. But the best way to engage readers is with content that resonates. Here’s a discussion on how to achieve that.  
  • Nine Email Drip Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
    Drip campaigns are a lucrative form of email marketing. But they have to be done correctly. Here are nine common mistakes that brands make when conducting drip marketing. 
  • A Five-Step Program For Beginning Email Marketing
    Newcomers to email marketing shouldn’t worry: It’s not that hard to get started. Here is a simple five-step introduction to email marketing for beginners. 
  • Campaign Monitor CEO Wellford Dillard On Martech Acquisitions
    Campaign Monitor recently acquired Sailthru and Liveclicker, adding them to its list of brands including Delivra and Emma. CEO Wellford Dillard describes the process of making a martech acquisition. 
  • How To Track Email Marketing Revenue
    Email marketing provides the highest revenue of any channel. But brands must be able to track revenue. Here are six ways to track revenue from email marketing, from single-touch attribution to weighted attribution. 
  • How Ag Businesses Can Turn Website Visitors Into Email Subscribers
    Agricultural customers often visit a farm’s website for product information. But what happens then? This article explores how ag businesses can reach the prospect’s email inbox. 
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