• Google And Facebook Identified As Victims of Email Scam
    Who were the victims of a $100 Million email scam? None other than Google and Facebook.
  • Banks And Email Marketing
    Tips on how financial institutions can leverage inexpensive email targeting.
  • Democrat Heitkamp Blasts GOP In Email Campaign
    Heidi Heitkamp, a Democratic Senator from North Dakota, has sent emails criticizing "radical" Republican attempts to unseat her.
  • Is Email Still Relevant For The Enterprise?
    Don't write off email, CBR Online writes-it has several advantages over other channels.
  • New York Times Blasts Net Neutrality 'Fix'
    New York Times Article condemns pans to kill net neutrality, saying it only benefit the cable and phone industries.
  • United Airlines Sends Apologetic Email To Frequent Flyers
    United Airlines has apologized in an email for forcible removal of a passenger.
  • Virginia Police Shut Down Email System To Combat Malware
    Virginia Police shut down their email system on Wednesday to combat a new form of malware.
  • Arcserve Integrates FastArchiver Email Service Into Software
    Arcserve now includes email archiving based on its acquisition of FastArchiver.
  • New Phishing Scam Pretends To Be From Microsoft
    Here's yet another phishing scam, this one stating that your account has been tampered with.
  • What UK and U.S. Email Marketers Are Doing Right
    A global reports on the top UK and U.S. retail email marketers.
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