• Microsoft CEO Email Reveals New AI Division
    Microsoft has formed a new 5,000-person engineering and research team which will focus on developing artificial intelligence products. "We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in computing that is unlike anything we have seen in decades," said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO in an internal email to employees this week.
  • Virgin Wants Curb Employee Email Addiction
    Virgin Management, Richard Branson's company, wants to shut down employee addition to email by turning it off on Wednesday mornings. Every Wednesday, the system will be shut down for two hours and encouraged to go and talk to co-workers in the office.
  • TouchMail Helps Users Manage Inboxes Visually
    TouchMail is a new mobile app that is designed to help Microsoft and Windows users better manage their email inboxes. The app was designed by two former Microsoft employees as a way for users to better sort and view their emails in a visual manner. The app has been downloaded more than one million times.
  • Alto Lets Users Manage Email Inbox
    AOL's email app Alto has a new feature called the Alto Dashboard which allows users to manage their inboxes. The tool lets users identify emails with important information such as flight details or hotel reservations and car reservations and organize these into a single folder.
  • Arizona Government Official Uses State Email Addresses to Push Anti-Pot Message
    The head of Arizona's Department of Economic Security used a state-owned email list to speak out against a measure that would legalize marijuana. He sent out an article arguing against the safety of the drug and arguments against Proposition 205 to all of his employees at the state agency.
  • Russian Hackers Could be Behind Yahoo Data Breach
    Russian hackers could be behind the massive Yahoo database hack that exposed the data of more than half a billion Yahoo email accounts. According to an independent cybersecurity firm, the hack was part of a coordinated effort to break into the email accounts of U.S. military, diplomatic and political figures.
  • Microsoft Users Complain of Email Outage
    Microsoft Exchange mobile users have complained of email access issues on their Android and iOS devices. The users have been unable to get their emails on mobile devices after a shift away from its Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol.
  • State Dept to Release More Clinton Emails
    The State Department is planning to release an additional 3,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails before Election Day. The new release stems from a case brought on by Vice News reporter Jason Leopold who filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Clinton's emails.
  • Fresno State Warns About Spam Outbreak
    Fresno State University has warned students that several students have received ransomware messages with malware attachments. The tech department has warned students not to open these messages. The ransomware takes over the user's screen and requires a payment in order to be released.
  • Russian Government to Stop Using Microsoft Email System
    Moscow has plans to begin transitioning its government email system from Microsoft to a state-run service. The current platform is run on about 6,000 government computers. The new software may end up on as many as 600,000 computers and servers.
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