• Mobile Email Conversions on the Rise
    Mobile email success is increasing, according to new research from Yesmail. The company found that emails opened on mobile devices accounted for more clicks, more orders and more revenues in Q2 2016 than the comparable quarter in 2015.
  • FBI Directors Says Agency Looked Hard for Obstruction of Justice
    FBI Director James Comey spoke out about the agency's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server and said that investigators looked very closey for obstruction of justice. The group concluded that there was no evidence to prove any criminal wrongdoing. "We looked at it very hard to see if there was criminal obstruction of justice," he said a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing this week.
  • 72% of Australians Consider Email a Fact of Life
    The majority (72%) of Australian citizens consider email to be a fact of life, according to a study from Adestra. The research also revealed that more than 65% of Aussies use email for everyday life, and only 2% of email address owners don't use the channel very often.
  • Justin Trudeau Fundraising Emails Talks U.S. Politics
    A fund raising email from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent to constituents, played up the American presidential election. The email says that the U.S. campaign has a choice between opposing values. "A fundamental choice will be on display tonight south of the border, when two U.S. presidential candidates go toe to toe in the first presidential debate - and many of the themes might be familiar to you," reads the email.
  • Maire Kondo on Managing Inbox
    Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo finds catharsis in organizing just about anything, including her inbox. She told Fortune that people shouldn't get too carried away with too many subfolders in the inbox. Instead she recommends sorting email into two categories: "Unprocessed" and "Save."
  • Trump Says He'll Release Tax Returns if Clinton Releases Emails
    Donald Trump promised to release his tax returns when Clinton releases her 30,000 deleted emails during the first presidential debate on Monday night. While Trump has refused to release his returns claiming that he is waiting for an audit to end, he would make special arrangements, he said, in order to see Clinton's emails.
  • Former Mexican President Teases Trump Over Fundraising Email
    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada claimed to have gotten a fundraising email from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He tweeted the news: "Today I received an email from @realDonaldTrump asking for money... this smells like defeat. Of course I had an answer for him..." He included a screenshot of the email in his tweet.
  • Clinton's Email Tech Warned of Issues in 2009
    Back in 2009, Bryan Pagliano, a technician for Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State, expressed concerns over the the legality of her personal server with chief of staff Cheryl Mills. According to Pagliano, he warned his bosses of issues with federal records retention. He was also concerned about classified info potentially being passed through.
  • Spark Mobile Users Exposed in Yahoo Data Breach
    New Zealand mobile provider Spark has revealed that 130,000 customer email addresses may have been compromised in Yahoo's massive data breach. Yahoo revealed that data breach on Friday. More than 500 million accounts may have been exposed in 2014, one of the largest hacks in Internet history.
  • John Oliver Says Clinton Email Scandal Overblown
    Comedian John Oliver has responded to the ongoing Clinton email investigation saying that the Republicans have been building up the story to be more than what it is. While he admits that she made a mistake, he said that harping on the mistake is an even bigger mistake. "So it's not good, but it's not as bad as it looks, which is never a satisfying thing to hear or, indeed, read about the buffet at a Golden Corral," he said.
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