• 10 B2B Marketing Use Cases For The Pandemic
    B2B marketers have pivoted to offer compelling customer experiences during the pandemic. Here are 10 examples, starting with Zoom and ending with Slack.  
  • Offer Education, Not Self-Promotion, In Email Newsletters
    Getting poor opens and clicks with your email newsletter? Here are five types of email newsletters that recipients will want to read. To start with, they prefer educational over promotional content. 
  • Researchers Find Over 10 Billion Exposed Records In Unsecured Databases: Report
    Almost 10.5 billion pieces of consumer data, including email addresses, have been discovered in nearly 10,000 unsecured databases in 20 countries, NordPass reports. The countries with the most exposed records are France, China and the U.S.
  • Automation Can Help You Get Below The Surface Of Email Marketing
    Brands are just scraping the surface of what they can accomplish with email marketing. All stakeholders need to first understand automation technology. Then their teams should get to know their customers and created highly targeted drip email campaigns. 
  • Congressman Tells Google CEO His Emails Are Landing In Spam Folders
    Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) challenge Google CEO Sundar Pichai, saying that his campaign emails were ending up in Gmail spam folders, like that of his father. Steube alleged that Gmail is biased against Republicans. 
  • Advice For Banks On Email Marketing During The COVID-19 Pandemic
    Email has been invaluable in helping some mid-size banks bridge the gap of not having a fully developed digital infrastructure heading into the pandemic. Here are some email marketing tips for financial institutions to help them cope with the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Email Platforms And Tactics For Driving CX
    Email marketing can drive the customer experience and help marketers measure the impact. Here is an analysis of what a superior CX is and the email platforms that can help marketers achieve it.  
  • A Head-To-Head Comparison of Mailchimp And Sendinblue: Opinion
    Sendinblue and Mailchimp both offer multiple email  features for small businesses. But which is better? Here is a head-to-head review. Of course, it depends on the user, and MediaPost is not endorsing any product.   
  • Playing Digital Catch-Up During The Pandemic
    Retailers have found themselves playing catch-up in developing a digital strategy during the pandemic. Here are several ways they can build trust and retain customers in digital channels. 
  • Microsoft Outlook Update Deletes Emails, Users Say: Report
    The recent Microsoft Outlook update is infuriating some users. They have griped about the inbox crashing and emails being deleted. 
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