• Email's Role In Selling Digital Products Online
    There are many tools selling digital products online and moving customers through the funnel. One is email marketing. Email can be used for driving brand awareness, raw sales and customer loyalty. 
  • The Argument For Salesforce Pardot: A Review
    Salesforce Pardot provides such features as email campaigns, social media tracking and A/B Testing. Here’s a review of what Pardot does and its pricing structure. 
  • What The Killing Of The Privacy Shield Means To Email Marketing
    The killing of the Privacy Shield agreement by the EU means that data flows between the EU and U.S. are no longer legal. Here’s what the change means to data use and email marketing.
  • Levitate Raises $6 Million In New Funding
    Levitate, a marketing firm that aims to help brands avoid mass emailing, has raised $6 million, bringing its total financing to $12 million. The firm was founded in 2017 by Jesse Lipson, who sold his file-sharing startup Citrix. 
  • The Error Behind The OnePlus Email Exposure: Report
    OnePlus exposed hundreds of customer email addresses in an email blast, reports state. Here’s how every recipient was handed every else’s emails. 
  • Misfits Market Raises $85 Million In Funding
    Misfits Market, a food delivery service, has raise $85 million in Series B funding, bringing total financing to $101.5 million. The company will use the money to scale up its operations.
  • The Downside Of Cookie Consent Prompts
    Cookie consent prompts are good in theory. But they be an annoyance when the person has erased all cookies—that means prompts will be displayed on every visit to a site. Here’s an analysis in this new wrinkle in privacy compliance. 
  • How To Choose A DMARC Vendor
    DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is now the email security standard for businesses and the government. But what does it take to get started? Here is a guide to choosing DMARC vendors. 
  • USPS Delivers 12 Billion Mail Images To Consumers
    Informed Delivery, the U.S. Postal Service program that sends mail previews via email has delivered 12 billion digital images to 24 million consumers last year, and is adding 200,000 customers per week. The goal is to offer people a digital experience with their mail.  
  • The Role Of Microsegmentation In B2B
    Traditional segmentation may help B2B brands find customers. But microsegmentation can help them deliver relevant content at all stages of the buying journey. Lori Wizdo, principal analyst at Forrester Research, explains how. 
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