• Ransomware Campaign Hits Canada; Called a Black Eye For U.S. Security Agency
    Canadian firms have been hit with a new ransomware campaign by Hidden Cobra, a group believed to be backed by North Korea. A observer calls it a black eye for the U.S. security agency. 
  • A Guide To Non-Traditional Email Outreach
    Manual outreach is effective at building links and collaboration. Here is a guide to using non-traditional approaches to build long-term relationships. 
  • Microsoft Unveils End-To-End Email Encryption
    Microsoft has introduced end-to-end encryption and other security measures to its email platform Outlook. Users can send messages through a secure connection that shields them from cybercriminals.    
  • Brands That Excel At Email Editorial
    Editorial copy can help boost email marketing campaigns. Here are four brands that excel at it: Airbnb, Bloomingdale’s, CB2 and Mr. Porter. 
  • Inside Alabama's Data Breach Notification Act
    Alabama has a new data breach notification law on the books. Here’s a rundown on how it requires companies to protect sensitive consumer information. 
  • A Guide To Ecommerce Email Personalization
    Good personalization requires more than batch-and-blast emails. Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy, lists several data points that ecommerce firms can use to create segments. 
  • A Conflicted Take On AMP For Gmail
    Google is bringing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Gmail, enabling publishers to develop rich mobile pages that load faster. But not everyone is convinced that this is good for email marketers. Here are the pros and cons. 
  • Singapore Law Would Merge Unwanted Email And Telemarketing
    A law has been proposed in Singapore to merge the rules covering spam and telemarketing. It would allow consumers to block unsolicited marketing messages sent via instant messaging apps, while streamlining the regulatory process. 
  • Verizon To Cut Off Yahoo Users Who Don't Agree To Arbitration
    Verizon is demanding that users of Yahoo services agree to resolve disputes through arbitration—or stop receiving the services. The threatened cutoff comes in the wake of class-action lawsuits over Yahoo’s 2013 data breach. 
  • How To Get Contracts In Line For GDPR
    As the GDPR approaches, companies must bring up to from hundreds to tens of thousands of their service contracts in line. Here is a guide on how to get deal with revamping contracts for GDPR. 
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