• Why Email Is The Top Shopping Platform
    Email is the dominant platform for shopping, writes Marielle Sologuren. But success depends on strategic use of data. Here’s an overview and case study of a campaign by an automotive marketer. 
  • Net Neutrality Foes Targeted In Phishing Attacks
    Two organizations fighting against Net Neutrality were hit with spear-phishing attacks during the summer, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. No malware was delivered, but the subject lines in some emails said the victims had subscribed to Pornhub.com or Redtube.com, two adult video portals. 
  • Email Glitch Is No Excuse For Failing to File Appeal: Court
    A Florida appeals court has ruled that attorneys cannot use technical problems as an excuse for not meeting deadlines. The law firm in the case, Odom & Barlow, failed to appeal an order assessing attorney fees. It claimed that its email system erased the order, believing it to be spam. 
  • Reasons Why Your Email Marketing May Not Be Working
    Are your email marketing campaigns tanking? Ask yourself: Are you sending too many emails—or too few? Those are among the many considerations that can spell success or failure. Here’s an overview. 
  • Nielsen Is Acquiring Visual IQ
    Nielsen the audience monitoring giant is buying software provider Visual IQ. Nielsen believes that Visual IQ will strengthen the digital side of its business and assist in multi-channel attribution. 
  • How To Improve Your Email Delivery
    Studies show that 20% of email never reaches the inbox. Here’s a primer on how to improve inbox placement — and maintain your digital reputation.  
  • Facebook Lead Ads Can Help You Build Your Email List
    Facebook Lead Ads is a powerful tool for building email lists. All you have to do is choose your audience and create your ad and lead form. Here are some tips on how to use this capability.   
  • Lost Confirmation Emails Can Drive Customers Away
    A study by Mailjet shows that 77 of UK consumers always check to see whether they have received a purchase confirmation email. In addition, 33% will look for multiple emails. The stakes are high for getting these communications right. Here are some suggestions on how. 
  • GDPR Is Coming: It's Time To Draft Your Privacy Statement
    It’s not too early to prepare for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies can start by updating their privacy statements. The goal: To “meet the GDPR’s “say what you do” requirements and in the process identify operational updates necessary to meet the GDPR’s “do what you say” demand,” Glory Francke writes.
  • How To Improve Your Email Techniques
    The majority of emails that clutter inboxes are not from brands — they are part of the “CC addiction.” Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, explains the problem and offers tips on how to get your emails noticed and opened. 
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