• Canadian Lotto Winners Spoofed in Email Scam
    The winners of a Canadian lottery jackpot have become the subject of a new spam email in circulation. The email claims to come from the family that won a $50-million lottery jackpot, and promises to donate $1 million to five different email recipients. the emails are being used to collect personal data from unsuspecting recipients.
  • California Health Care Startup Automates Emails From Doctors
    A California health care startup has found that email can help doctors connect with patients and express empathy in an automated fashion. While it sounds a bit cold, patients have responded well to personalized daily emails from their doctors who express compassion in these daily messages.
  • Looking Back: Belle & Sebastian's Email List 20 Years Ago
    Email marketing has been around a long time in the music business. The British band Belle & Sebastian had an email list serve 20 years ago in which fans would talk to each other music and other shared interests. These early social networks would often meet off the list for "picnics". One moderator recently compared the old way to technology today and said that the list was, "something of a symbol of a bygone age when the Internet was less corporate and people talked at a greater length about their lives."
  • Yahoo Updates Email App
    Yahoo has updated its mobile email app brining about new features such as customizable swipes, and tools for managing attachments and folders. The email app, which debuted back in October, is designed to make the email experience more integrated with other services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • The FBI's Clinton Email Investigation Continues
    Six months after it began, The federal investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server is going strong six months into it. According to insiders, the these probes often take this length of time. The agency will likely determine whether to file charges against Clinton later this year.
  • Email to Get Biggest Budget Increases in 2016
    Fifty-six percent of marketers place to increase their marketing budgets this year and email will garner the most of this spend, according to a new report from Selligent and StrongView. The report also found that increasing subscriber engagement was the most important marketer initiative this year, followed by improving segmentation and targeting.
  • Data Breach Costs on the Rise
    The total cost of data breaches is on the rise, according to the 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study. In fact, one data breach costs about $3.8 million, up 23 percent since 2013. Last year saw several major data breaches including: the federal government's Office of Personnel Management; Ashely Madison and Premera.
  • Data Breach Made Government Emails Readable by Hackers
    Juniper Networks has discovered a data breach that allows foreign hackers to read the encrypted communications of U.S. government agencies for the past three years. The software firm discovered the vulnerability on December 17 and since then the company has released a new fix to help its clients, which includes various U.S. intelligence entities. Yet, the federal government has yet to determine which agencies were affected.
  • Google Updates App to Correct Nexus Email Issues
    After several Nexus sync issues with several Google apps including the Gmail app, Google has rolled out the v5.10 for its Gmail app. The update helps address sync issues with Hotmail accounts. In the meantime, the company is working on another issue plaguing Nexus users from receiving email.
  • Swiss Government Can Now Conduct Email Surveillance
    The Swiss Parliament recently passed legislation that gives the government the option to access the private emails and text messages of citizens in order to carry out surveillance in certain situations. Swiss citizens are challenging the vote and signing a petition to reverse the decision in order to return to the country's more privacy-friendly policies.
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