• Prisons Charge Inmates to Email Families
    Prisons are making inmates pay to send emails to families and lawyers on the outside. According to a new report from Massachusetts-based think tank the Prison Policy Initiative, this process is predatory. These messages are expensive to send and have character limits.
  • Google Updates Search Tool in Inbox App
    Google's Inbox, the company's email client for mobile devices, has been updated to make it easier to search for information such as addresses, membership numbers and package tracking numbers. Inbox will now often respond to a query with a small card to answer the question rather than just a list of emails.
  • Fujitsu Debuts Tool to Fight Spam Attacks
    Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd have developed a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect targeted email attacks aimed at specific companies. The idea is to catch spammers who are incredibly sophisticated and exploit work relationships through email to launch attacks. The tool detects suspicious behavior that varies from normal activity patterns.
  • GlassesUSA.com Sees 11% Conversion Rate From Abandoned Cart Emails
    E-commerce retailer GlassesUSA.com generates an 11 percent conversion rate by sending abandoned shopping cart emails. To put this in perspective, the company sees only a 5 percent conversion rate from its welcome email program.
  • 35% of Retailers Use Shopping Cart Abandonment
    The number of top retailers using shopping cart abandonment tools has increased, yet the number may be hitting a plateau, according to a new report from Listrak. The "2015 Shopping Cart Abandonment Research Study" shows that more than 35 percent of the top 1,000 retailers in the U.S. send at least one abandoned shopping cart message. Yet this is only up 2 percent from last year when more than 33 percent of retailers used this technique.
  • Tipbit Email App Startup Closes Down
    Seattle-based startup Tipbit, a startup that had released a mobile email app to help users search for messages, has closed down. Gordon Mangione, CEO of Tipbit, told GeekWire that the enterprise email business is "incredibly difficult" since many companies use default email products that come on their phones.
  • Retailers See Increase in Mobile Email Interactions Over Holidays
    Email interactions on mobile increased this past holiday season, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services. The "Holiday Hot Sheet: Insights for the Holiday Marketer report found the percent of clicks received on a mobile device during the peak of the holiday season (November 21 - December 21) increased from 43 percent in 2014 to 50 percent in 2015 for retailers.
  • Alert.email Lets Slack Users Get Email Alerts
    Workplace collaboration tool Slack has an email integration tool called Alert.email that allows users to get automated alerts about specific emails and have them sent directly to a private Slack chat. Users can distinguish who they'd like to receive alerts from. For instance, a user can set up the service to send alerts in Slack when the boss emails.
  • UnsubCentral Releases New Preference Centers
    PostUp's UnsubCentral has created a new tool that allows brands to make more advanced preference centers. Rather than simply unsubscribing, the new feature allows email recipients to manage their preferences and decide to receive emails less frequently, for instance.
  • Reporter Accuses State Department of Tampering With Release of Clinton Emails
    The reporter whose case led to the release of Hillary Clinton's emails is now accusing the Obama administration of tampering with the release of the final batch of emails. Jason Leopold claims that the administration is holding back the release until after the Democratic presidential primary in four states.
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