• Facebook Says 50 Million Accounts Exposed In Breach
    Facebook has discovered a security breach affecting nearly 50 million accounts. Hackers exploited the site’s “ViewAs” feature. Facebook reset some logins so that 90 million people will have to log in again.  
  • Email Marketing Basics For Beginners
    There are many to-do’s when launching your first email campaign. Here is a guide to the basics every email marketer should know. 
  • Notablist And Parse.ly Provide Internal Marketing Data To Help Brands
    Two companies are separately offering their internal marketing data to help marketers see beyond walled gardens. Notablist is making available the tech stacks fueling brands’ emails, and Parse.ly is providing an “attention map” of Net topics.  
  • SF Transit Center Shutdown A 'Blow to Salesforce'
  • Email Marketers And The Mobile Tipping Point
    Half of all email-driven orders now originate from smartphones, research shows. Here’s what email marketers need to know about customer engagement via mobile. 
  • Three Rules For Successful Cold Emailing
    Three variables determine the effectiveness of a cold email campaign: One is niche, another is job title and the third is the offer. All three should be tested. 
  • When And How To Send An Email Blast
    An email blast is a mass email, but it is not spam. Marketers send them to provide information of value to recipients. Here are suggestions for how to send email blasts — and some tools for doing so. 
  • Darktrace Raises $50 Million In New Funding
    Darktrace, a cyber security firm that help defend firms against email phishing attacks, has raised $50 million in Series E funding. That raises the firm’s total financing to $229.5 million. 
  • Tips On Embedding Surveys Into Emails
    Surveys are a good way to drive email engagement, but it’s not easy to get the copy and design just right. Here are tips on how to deploy email surveys that produce results. 
  • Benioff Warns Firms About Techlash
    Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff warned on Tuesday that tech companies are facing a “moment in time,” in which they have to define their values. Speaking at Salesfore’s Dreamforce conference, he added that firms face a grim future if they fail to acknowledge feedback from customers. 
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