• Microsoft Adds Features To Outlook Mobile
    Microsoft has announced changes to Outlook Mobile, including shared calendars and business-card scanning. But admins will have the ability to lock out personal accounts. 
  • Breach Lawsuits More Likely To Succeed in Europe: Attorney
    Data breach victims in Europe are bracing or class action lawsuits. These actions are more likely to succeed in Europe than the U.S., an attorney says.
  • Email Tops Social Media, But They Can Work Together
    Email outperforms social media, and is the single best marketing channel. But brands have to appeal to the social media generation.  
  • SHEIN Breach Leaks Millions Of Email Addresses: Report
    Fashion retailer SHEIN was hit with a data breach exposing emails and encrypted passwords of 6.42 million customers. The incursion was discovered on Aug. 22.  
  • Time Faces Suit Over Sharing Of Personal Data
    Time is facing a proposed class action lawsuit from a Time and Sports Illustrate reader who charges that the publisher rented or exchange her data without permission. The outcome will be determined by a U.S. court in Rhode Island. 
  • Seven Research-Based Email Marketing Trends
    Email marketers should follow trends based on empirical research. Here are seven, starting with sending text-only and interactive emails. 
  • Five Questions To Ask When Investing In AI
    Almost 60% of marketers expect artificial intelligence to have a substantial impact on their productivity over the next five years. But ecommerce firms have to look at their business problems to determine how AI can help. Here are five questions to ask before investing in an AI platform. 
  • How To Drive Email Newsletter Subscriptions
    Most people are inundated with email newsletters. But it’s possible to attract new subscriptions with e-books, links to webinars or private video interviews. Here is a report on how. 
  • A Blueprint For GDPR Compliance
    Firms can’t afford to be complacent just because national authorities in Europe still don’t have the funding to enforce GDPR. Here are three steps that can ensure compliance and help companies avoid penalties.  
  • Email Marketing Tips For Halloween
    Brands risk frightening consequences if they fail to send effective Halloween campaigns. Here are some holiday-themed tactics, including promotional sales and seasonal product offers. 
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