• Retailers Should Embrace Email Marketing And Realize Its Full Potential
    Every few years, marketers reevaluate the efficacy of email. But one thing is clear: Now is the time for retailers to fully embrace email as part of their personalization and promotional efforts. 
  • LinkedIn Data Breach Exposes Inferred Salaries
    A massive LinkedIn data breach has exposed data on 700 million users -- 92% of the total audience. The data, including inferred salaries on some, is available on the dark web.   
  • Effective Email Marketing For Startups
    Email marketing is an effective tactic for startups, producing high ROI and allowing firms to reach their subscribers. Here is how some of the fastest-growing startups are using email. 
  • Google, Gmail Service Back Up After Monday Evening Outage
    Service was quickly restored to users of Gmail and other Google services after an outage Monday evening. Google, YouTube and Gmail were down in parts of North America.   
  • Mercedes Benz Data Leak Affects Only 1,000 Consumers
    Mercedes Benz has been hit with a data breach, although it is not as widespread as it could have been. It includes card and Social Security details on only 1,000 individuals, not on a possible 1.6 million. 
  • Six Tips For Driving Leads With Your Email Newsletter
    Harried email content writers may not heed some of the basic rules for email newsletters. Here are six tricks to turn your email newsletter into a lead-generation machine. 
  • Gmail's New Tools Make It More Like Slack
    Gmail has unveiled a redesign of its email app and site. The overhaul is an effort by Google to compete with productivity apps such as Slack and Microsoft. 
  • Rhode Island Warns Residents Of Phishing Scam
    Rhode Island residents are being targeted by a phishing attack focusing on professional licenses, the state’s Department of Labor and Training has warned. The advisory states that recipients should not click on any links. 
  • A Guide To Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation has become an essential tool. But how do you make it work? Here is a primer on what it is and how to get the most out of it.   
  • Low-Code/No Code Development Works -- Except When It Doesn't
    Companies can utilize low-code/no-code applications without hiring teams of developers. But managers have to know how they work and what they are good for. 
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