• Apple And Meta Gave User Data To Hackers Pretending To Be Law Enforcement Officers: Report
    Apple Inc. and Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. allegedly provided data to hackers pretending to be law enforcement officials. The companies provided basic subscriber details like address, phone number and IP address last year, Bloomberg reports.
  • Problems That Can Derail A/Bn Email Testing
    A/Bn testing is an old and reliable tool and can help if email fails to deliver the results you need. But don’t take it for granted. Here are seven problems that can derail A/Bn testing success,  
  • Advice For Eyecare Marketers On How To Leverage Their Email List
    Email marketing is a natural fit for Eyecare brands, but it takes planning. Invision offers tips on how to make the most of your email list.
  • How To Use Both Tactical And Strategic Marketing
    Tactical and strategic marketing each have their uses. But which is best? Here’s a guide on how to get the most out of tactical marketing, which includes email, and strategic both. 
  • Google Rolls Out Notification Control Feature For Gmail Users
    Google is offering a feature that allows Gmail users to pause notifications on their smartphones when they are accessing Gmail on their computers. It was first made available in February to a small number of users, but is now being rolled out more widely.
  • Evergreen Email Marketing Ideas
    There’s no secret to successful email marketing—except one: You have to put the needs of your customers first. With that in mind, here are five evergreen marketing ideas you should try.   
  • LinkedIn Adds A Newsletter Feature
    LinkedIn has added a feature to Company Pages that allows brands to create newsletters. They can use an automatic, one-time alert for every new issue. And subscribers can opt in to get email updates.  
  • B2B Brands Need To Move Beyond Old-Fashioned Lead Gen
    The linear lead-to-MQL approach used by many. B2B firms depends on bloated pipelines and tends to focus on lead quantity. But that may lead to lost strategic opportunities for growth. Here’s why. 
  • Getting To Maximum Email Deliverability
    Email marketing platforms report the percentage of “delivered” emails, but that may include those that hit spam and bulk folders. How do you actually reach the oft-promised 99% deliverability rate? Carolyn Nye offers a primer on mastering email deliverability in 2022. 
  • Banks Need To Learn That Email Marketing Has Changed
    Email remains a workhorse for many financial institutions. But many use it in outdated ways. Here is how to prevent your email program from being a digital dinosaur.
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