• How B2B Selling Has Changed: An Interview With Ruth Stevens
    B2B buyers are more comfortable buying from someone they never met. But marketers need to pay attention to the accuracy and completeness of the data they collect on customers. Expert Ruth Stevens explains why.
  • Moving Away From B2B Focus On Leads
    It's time for B2B marketers to move on from lead-centered tactics. Instead, brands should focus on buyer and account engagement. Here is an essay on why.
  • Baby Brand Moves Budget From Social Toward Email
    Buildabundle, a UK firm selling outgrown baby clothes, has found that with social media costs rising, email newsletters are more important. Here is the story of how the brand leveraged email. 
  • Things To Double-Check In A Marketing Email
    Email may be a reliable marketing tool. But you need to do check it before you send it out. For starters, are your spelling and grammar acceptable? Here are the 11 parts of a marketing email you should double-check. 
  • Tactics For Getting The Email Funding You Deserve
    Your email team should get funding that allows it to contribute significantly to the company’s bottom line. Ryan Phelan offers five tactics for getting the funding you deserve in 2023. 
  • The Case Against Email And Telephone Metrics
    Enough with all these metrics — I don’t care how many emails you send or calls you make. Email automation allows you to send 1 million emails before coffee, all while making 50 calls. This author is more interested in the mix of business you are pursuing. 
  • Improving Your Online Presence
    Businesses gain by having a strong online footprint. But what does that entail? Here are eight ways to improve your online presence in 2023, including tips on email.  
  • Email Newsletter Bubble May Be Popping
    The humble email newsletter may be returning to earth. Meta killed Bulletin and there are signs that the potential for paid email newsletters is fading. 
  • Seek AI Inc. Provides New SaaS Platform For B2B Brands
    Data analytics platform Seek AI Inc. is offering a new SaaS platform for B2B marketers. It relieves data professionals of the mundane tasks they often face in companies. 
  • How To Handle Bad Email Sends
    Everyone makes mistakes. And email marketers are sometimes guilty of howlers. Here’s a guide to handling bad email sends. 
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