• ServiceNow To Switch From Slack To Microsoft Teams
    ServiceNow says it will stop using Slack following the latter’s acquisition by Salesforce. The company will switch to Microsoft Teams.   
  • Why Your Email Campaign May Not Be Working
    Email marketing teams hit by the COVID-19 pandemic can get back on track by understanding why their campaign isn’t working. Here are three possible reasons why. 
  • B2B Marketing And The Law Of Double Jeopardy
    A new study shows that B2B brands can achieve growth only by focusing on customer acquisition, and it argues that the marketing law of double jeopardy applies as much to B2B as B2C. 
  • Gmail Often Confuses Paid Newsletters And Marketing Emails, But There's a Workaround
    Gmail is bad at reading paid newsletters and often treats them no differently than it does discount marketing emails. But a journalist found a way around this.     
  • Verizon May Sell Its Media Assets
    Verizon is exploring the sale of digital media assets, including parts of Yahoo and AO, for a possible sales price of up to $5 billion. Included in Verizon’s digital business is the email service provider Yahoo Mail. 
  • Gmail User Asks Google CEO For Help With Resetting Password
    You might as well start at the top when you want help. A consumer replied to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s tweet on COVID-19 relief to ask for help resetting his Gmail password. 
  • What Apple's New Privacy Rules Mean For Gmail
    Apple is shining a light on security issues with Gmail, a tech expert says. Here’s a tv update for consumers on Gmail and privacy. 
  • Give Consumers Control Of Their Digital Identities: Opinion
    Privacy is no longer negotiable. Consumers should be given control of their own digital identities. Here’s an analysis of why. 
  • CafeMedia Uses LiveRamp's ATS As Third-Party Cookies Are On Their Way Out
    CafeMedia, which represents 3,000 publishers, is using LiveRamp ATS to use email-based IDs to make up for the pending loss of third-party cookies. Buyers can use the ID to programmatically target impressions. 
  • ICloud Mail Out On Monday For Some
    An iCloud Mail outage on Monday prevented some customers from accessing their email inbox for hours. An Apple System Status update said, “Users may be experiencing intermittent issues with this service.”
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