• Autodesk Uses Asana To Avoid 'Jumbled Emails And Chaos'
    Autodesk needed to get control of its content workflow. So it deployed Asana for all communications relating to content production.   
  • Three Formulas For Writing Email Marketing Copy
    Email copywriters often rely on proven structures to write faster. Here are three sample formulas for email marketing copy. 
  • Researcher Finds Yahoo Mail Security Flaw
    A security researcher has discovered a Yahoo Mail vulnerability that could allow an attacker to snoop on a victim’s emails, and has been paid a $10,000 bounty by Yahoo Mail. It allegedly consists of a cross-site scripting flaw.
  • Security Flaws Can Harm Your Email Marketing
    Marketers cannot afford to take email security for granted. Data protection issues can hurt a brand search ranking and email sender reputation. Natasa Djukanovic, CMO of .ME, outlines the precautions marketers need to take. 
  • What the Google GDPR Fine Tells About Data Protection
    Companies are wondering how to avoid fines like the $56.5 million penalty levied on Google by the French National Data Protection Commission. Here is an analysis of  what the French GDPR fine teaches us about data protection. 
  • UConn Health Hit By Data Breach; Medical Records Exposed
    UConn Health has suffered an email data breach, exposing records on more than 326,000 people. The information includes name, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and medical data. 
  • Firms Face Challenges In Listening To Customers: Study
    Many firms are having problems listening to customers and determining what they want. A study found that 41% feel they are doing a good job, and 34% an okay job, meaning they don’t necessarily understand what they customer wants. And 29% are struggling to remember that customers are human beings, not simply inboxes. 
  • TrueFacet Restricts Itself To Personalized Emails Only
    TrueFacet, a luxury watch and jewelry resale platform, is sending AI-assisted personalized emails in favor of generic campaigns. It hopes that this will give it an edge over competitors.  
  • Writer To Retailers: Stop Blasting Me With Emails
    A UK writer complains that retailers are besieging her with marketing emails. She doesn’t want to unsubscribe, but she says that brands “email me almost daily with increasingly desperate attempts to get me to their website.” 
  • Team Beto Sends Email Survey To Supporters
    Beto O’Rourke’s team has sent an email survey to supporters, asking for input on the issues that matter most to them. It doesn’t say if he will run for President, but states that “Beto and Amy have been looking at way they best serve our country going forward.”
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