• Discounts Drive Email Signups, Volume Drives Them To Unsubscribe: Studies
    European consumers are receiving fewer marketing emails in the wake of GDPR. But 59% will unsubscribe if they feel they are getting too many, a study shows. Why do they sign up in the first place? Discounts are the leading driver.  
  • Gen Z Uses Email To Start Social Relationships With Retailers
    One in four Gen Z members are signed up for at least retail email subscription services. Here’s how Gen Z uses channels like email to start social relationships with retailers. 
  • Four Ways To Avoid Spammy Marketing
    Even the best companies can rub customers the wrong way with their marketing messages. Here are four ways to avoid coming across as spammy. 
  • Five Ways To Improve Your Customer Retention Email
    Studies show that it costs more to win a new customer than to retain an existing one, and that the latter are more likely to buy. Email can help. Here are five ways to improve customer retention with email marketing.  
  • California Bill Would Toughen Data Breach Rules
    California is considering a bill that would set stricter rules for data breach notification. "America doesn't need a wall at our southern border," said State Assembly member Marc Levine. "What America needs is a firewall to protect American consumers from identify theft and fraud."
  • See If You Can Spot These Email Mistakes
    Here are several examples of creative mistakes in email newsletters. Can you spot them? See how good you are. Note: Some have been changed to accentuate the errors.  
  • Using Email To Drive B2B Content
    Email marketing is the king of B2B content. But you have to send different messages at different stages of your campaign instead of repeatedly sending the same template. 
  • Papers Filed With Three Countries Allege That Google Knew It Was Violating GDPR
    Filings have been submitted to privacy regulators in the UK, Ireland and Poland charging that Google knew its ad network business model violates the GDPR. The Interactive Advertising Bureau was also aware of this non-compliance, the papers allege. 
  • California Democrats Warn: Don't Try To Override Our Privacy Law
    California Democrats feel the state’s new privacy law is tougher than anything Republicans in Congress will come up with.“California’s bill is the best,” says Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.). “Why would we want to preempt it?” 
  • Avoiding The AI Email Creep Factor
    Artificial intelligence helps brands drive conversions with more relevant emails. But email should not set off an annoying stalker alert. Here’s a guide to achieving the right balance. 
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