• Email A Promising Alternative To Facebook
    Facebook’s clampdown on political advertising and content may be driving publishers to email. Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox, explains why email is a good alternative.    
  • The Pros And Cons of Gmail's Auto Replies
    Gmail is providing customized auto-responses to emails. But is this useful or creepy?  
  • Oath's Email Scanning No Cause For Alarm
    Oath’s email scanning has been on the table since April. The firm clearly explains how it hopes to make money from users in return for free email.  
  • Subject Lines For Mobile Devices
    Subject lines open the door to content. But they have to be written for mobile devices. It starts with being short and sweet. 
  • Why Emojis Won't Work For Every Email Effort
    Email marketers should be careful about using emojis in subject lines. They add a layer of complications—or example, will the audience respond to a trend identified with youth culture?
  • Email Marketing And Customer Retention
    Building your customer base can help you grow your business. But it’s not the only factor. Here is an overview of how email can fuel customer retention. 
  • French Data Authorities Warn Two Location Data Vendors
    French regulators have issued notices to two data companies for using location data from app publishers without informing consumers, in violation of the GDPR. Both firms help retailers and brands with advertising and measurement.
  • Missouri Dem Email To Students Opens Door For Phishing Attempt
    An email sent by the Missouri Democratic Party to University of Missouri students in an effort to recruit interns ended up in faculty and staff inboxes, and led to a phishing attempt. The email was sent to email addresses in a public student directory. 
  • Hackers Target High-Level Business Execs With Cyber Scams
    Hackers are obtaining the email accounts of high-level executives to perpetrate cyber scams, Verizon reports. They also are using email addresses with user names and domains similar to those of the executives. 
  • How GDPR Affected Global Spam Levels
    Total email volume fell after GDPR, although that could be due in part to seasonal fluctuations, reports show. Spam levels remained relatively static. 
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